Sunday, February 12, 2006

a week late and a lot of dollars short....

OK, not long to write at the moment, but I just watched the last two weeks of Grey's Anatomy and




I am a nervous WRECK after "The End of the World as We Know It (Part 1)".... I'm not sure how I can get through tonight's episode. My stomach is in KNOTS. *deep breaths*

OK, honestly, I got my parents to the airport this morning, went to church (and there was a LIVE sheep there, and I met my mom's cousin's daughter's husband, more on that later), talked to Krysten about LOST, and went to Jul's to watch all that TV (Tom, I also finally saw the last 2 week's of Gilmore Girls and yowza on the ending of that ep you e-mailed me about... but it got eclipsed by Grey's Anatomy) and now I have to run over to my friend Caroline's. I haven't done a THING here in the apartment and it needs it soooooo bad.

These are the times when my insomnia comes in handy.


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