Monday, September 29, 2008

*cue Charlie Brown music*

I had a really fun night in LA last night, and I wanted to tell you all about about it, but at the moment my blood pressure is a little too high from a horrific travel day which included (but was not limited to) getting lost... twice... inept car rental return employees, being late to the airport because of 2 previous, standing in the security line from hell, people not observing the laws of common social air travel decency (ie: letting the row in front of you exit before barging through, not getting to baggage claim and standing right in front of the person who was there before you), and the 3rd Oakland cab driver in a row who doesn't know how to get to San Francisco.

Now I need to go to the market and do some laundry, as I have to be at work again at 8am tomorrow. Maybe I will calm down enough to relate my good times later on.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

misdirected cyber post

Erin reminded me in her comment on my NY post that the entire reason I found Nathan last Saturday was a misdirected cyber post. It's a pretty funny story, actually. You know how you can text things to Google and it sends you back address/phone number? If not, you basically send an SMS text to G-O-O-G-L-E (466453) saying "Name of Establishment You're Looking For, City, State" and instantly you get a return text listing the info. It's pretty cool. Well, I got off the subway at 72nd and Central Park West, knowing I wanted to eat lunch at Alice's Tea Cup-- which is somewhere in the low 70s at Columbus. BUT... we were absolutely ravenous, and I didn't want to wander the west side looking for it, so I sent "Alice's Tea Cup, New York NY" out to 466453... except I didn't. I accidently sent it to Twitter (40404, and the only other number-only entry in my recently-used text addresses). So, my 9 Twitter followers all got a text from me saying "Alice's Tea Cup, New York, NY" and I'm sure they were all "the hell?" Anyway, Erin writes me right back saying "Oh, Nathan's in NYC too" so I make a quick phone call and there he is. Random, and awesome. I love running into people I know in random cities. It also makes this the 3rd time (and 3rd city) I've seen Nate since I moved, which is a lot more than most of my other friends! Lucky Nate!
We sat in the park for a bit, near Bethesda Fountain, then went to the Museum of Natural History, where we laughed at all the people that were taking photos of their respective girlfriends posing all "sexy." At the Museum of NATURAL HISTORY. Arms up and head thrown back in front of a meteor? Draping yourself around a dinosaur skeleton and giving kissy faces, really? So we decided to take a picture of us NOT being sexy.... but as it turns out, we just can't turn the sexy off. There's no way to keep it from shining through.
Also, Deb was showing us her fancy-pants digital camera/video camera thing, and this was the result. Dance puppet, dance!!!
Good times. Thanks, Nate. Always a pleasure.

Friday, September 26, 2008

more strange work conversations

Girl just walks up to the service desk to order some electrical. As it is custom in our computer system to document the person placing the order, I asked her for her first name. (On a side note-- at least 85% of the people who I ask "What's your first name?" either A) give me their first and last names, B) proceed to then spell their last name, C) hold up their name tag IN MY FACE, or D) say "well, it should be under This Other Name, or maybe This Name. Honestly, can't you just answer the question? Just say "Jim"? Bygones.) She answered, "Allison."

She was a nice enough girl, around my age, so while she was filling out her forms I was chatting with her, and my first comment was "Oh, my mom wanted to name me Allison, but, my dad won that particular battle." She replied with, "oh, that's so funny. If I had been born 1 day earlier, I would have been named Jamie." "That's MY name!" I crowed, and then checked my uniform to make sure I wasn't wearing my name tag (I wasn't. Don't yell at me, work folk who read. I detest people I don't know calling me by my first name. It's creepy.) So, that's a little weird, right? I mean, I know Allison and Jamie aren't really odd names or anything, but it's still a bit of a coincidence.

She told me the day before her birthday was her paternal grandfather's birthday, and so they had considered naming her after him should she arrive on that particular day. "James?" I asked? Yes. That was also MY paternal grandfather's name, and one of the reasons my dad liked the name. (The other reason was that he had a thing for the Bionic Woman, but that is really neither her nor there.) Then she goes on to tell me since her mom got the first name, her dad picked her middle name, which is Lee. "That's MY middle name!"

OK, I need to calm down. Being this close to the Queen Mary is affecting my sensibilities.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I know, I know. Everyone is yelling at me to update. (Ibym... "everyone"... "Alecia and Erin.") So here you go-- what I've been up to for the last almost 3 weeks (and obviously, what I ate along the way).

So, last you heard I was off to Texas. It was sooooo much fun. I landed Friday afternoon, rented a Jeep (well, technically, I rented an "economy," but they gave me a Jeep), and drove up to the new home of Madge and Dave... wow. I clearly am in the wrong business. We met Scotticus, K-J, Ree-an, and Taylor for dinner at Uncle Julios, then met up back at Palais Coblais with Angel for a little Rock Band. The girls did a mean B-52s Roam, btw. I may have missed my calling as a rock star (no, no-- I didn't miss it. There was no calling).

Saturday Madge and I took a walk, got lost, went to Dream Cafe (for my favorite eggs benedict in the world) and the mall, then I drove to over to Forney to meet Bruce. We drove back to Dallas, had drinks at The Grapevine, a slice at Pastazio's, and gelato at Pacuigo (sea salt caramel.... *dies*), then went to meet Erin, Nathan, and Bill at a birthday party of a girl we never met, where everyone was in theme costume but us. Hahahahaha~ It was awesome. There are photos somewhere but I haven't seen them yet-- not sure whose camera they were on?

Sunday Bruce and I drove from Forney to DFW to pick up Sandy at the airport, and then drove BACK to Dallas, to Ozona, she of the famous bloody mary bar, where they bring you a glass of vodka and send you to a buffet of fresh celery, avocado, horseradish, pico, olives, and every sort of spice and hot sauce and mix and juice you can imagine. YUMMMMMM~ Then Sandy and I drove over to the hotel in Grapevine, dropped off our stuff and settled in, and then drove back to Dallas for Ree-ann's birthday party. It was in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Lawn... loved it. The restaurant was called Hattie's and the food was delicious. Way too much driving, but, it was fun.

Monday Sandy and I started work. Yadda yadda elevator contractors blah blah boringcakes. We did manage to eat at Ama Lur in the Gaylord, which is sort of a Latin-Native American-Southwestern fusion place and I had such wonders as cucumber margaritas and jalapeno grit cakes. Other than that I mostly ate quesadillas from the sports bar- hold the meat and add whatever veggies you have in the kitchen- as there was absolutely not one single vegetarian thing in the entire hotel. Blurg! Oh, and our one free night we met up with Erin at Kenzoku for hibachi grill-- which is one of my all-time favorite food experiences. Then my last night, after working until 6pm, needing to do laundry and be up at 3am for a 6am flight-- I managed to squeeze in some time with Amy at Love & War in Texas.

So, after laundry, 3 hours sleep, dropping off the rental car, shuttling to the terminal, grogging my way through security and getting on the plane, I landed at 10:30am in New York City. Cab to hotel, walk to Javitz, start work right away! After work I met Tom in the West Village for Italian at Morandi, then cupcakes at Magnolia, natch, and drinks at Chumley's- one of our favorite spots, which we were just sick to discover had closed, so we went to this divey pool hall instead. I adored spending time with him-- I miss him so much!

Other places I hit while I was there: Schillers, Pastis, the Gansevoort Rooftop Loft (aka the douche-baggiest place this side of The Standard), the Night Hotel, and STK (which bumped Gansevoort right off the top of the list). Friday night I worked late and then met Schmevan for some wine in the park and a late supper at a diner- exactly what I needed after all the pomp and crappenstance. Can I tell you what I don't miss about New York? The weather. The crowds. The clothes. The general elitest attitude. I mean, we paid $90 for 5 drinks at the Gansevoort. NINETY DOLLARS. And the were 8 oz. rocks glasses made out of plastic. And ps> I don't live in Small Town, KY. I live in San Francisco-- widely touted as one of the most expensive cities in America. Ninety dollars for 5 drinks is ridiculous.

Saturday Deb and I had a whole day to play. We wanted to have lunch at Alice's Tea Cup (where I got a Cheshire Cat mug and when you pour in hot liquid, the cat disappears, leaving only his grin! brilliant~) and then we met up with Nathan in the Park, and went to the Museum of Natural History, which YES, is where they filmed that Ben Stiller movie, which I have never seen. Then we got coffee- it was so fun to hang out with him in NY-- I love running into random people in other cities! Then Deb and I scooted downtown for dinner with my friend Joyce at Counter. DELICIOUS. Must go back. My martini involved rosemary-infused vodka. *dies* Then we had a couple of drinks at the Three of Cups and almost passed out in the cab, we were so tired from our very long day.

Sunday we went down to SoHo for brunch at Jerry's, only to be saddened a second time because it had closed. It was something very sad, like another overpriced boutique. We decided instead on the NoHo Star, which I love, and then walked around SoHo and Chinatown, where I got Charlemagne a fun present and Deb bought me an owl apron.

Then, a 6-hour flight home and a fever blister later, I am back in San Francisco, where the weather is always balmy and the people are always in jeans. Monday I walked to the beach, did some work and other stuff around the house, met Blake for a cocktail and my work friends for dinner. Yesterday I did laundry, more work and other stuff around the house, made some soup, watched Fringe (I love you, JJ Abrams!) and went to Harvey's with Brian. Today I must pack, go to the bank, do more work and house stuff, and am planning on dinner and a movie with Blake. The Castro is showing Jezebel, starring Bette Davis, and her Bette Davis eyes.

All in all, a really great couple of weeks. Clearly, I should be posting more often because DAMN, that was long, and I'd be seriously surprised if anyone is still reading at this point. Tomorrow I leave for Long Beach and then straight back for a show here. I am actually off from October 3-10, and then off to Austin for 2 weddings back-to-back, and then pretty much straight to LA.

Tired yet? I am.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is anyone at all concerned with an uprising?

OK, so, I had this printer last week from our Atlanta warehouse, that this (<----)photo was taped to-- clearly said printer has been at one of my shows in the past. Well, the photo strip was starting to rip off, so I peeled it off and stuck it to my counter, over to the side, where it was visible to clients who chose to lean over my desk and invade my personal space, which- let's face it- they always do.

So, picture it: Grapevine, just a few days ago. A 20-something year-old salesman swaggers up to my booth and leans all up in my business to ask me something, and he spies the Buster photo. The following exchange unfolds:

Douchebag: Hey, how do you know Mike McNichols?
Jamie: I'm sorry, who?
DB: Mike McNichols, that guy in that photo you have taped to your desk?
JH: Ummm, that's Buster? From Arrested Development? Played by Tony Hale?
DB: No way, that's my friend Mike's myspace photo!!!!!
JH: Have you met your friend Mike?
DB: Well, it kinda looks like him.
JH: Really?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

heat wave

Y'all, I know I'm going to Texas tomorrow and all... but it is HOT outside. Really, really hot. And you know in San Francisco that means... 70s. But there's no AC anywhere - not even in my apartment- and it's just... sunny, and still, and hot. I've been up since before 6 just because I was too hot to sleep.

check it:

That is a lot of sun for my little foggy city. And no wind is weird, since I live less than 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It's always windy here. *grump*

OK, I admit it, I am enjoying Facebook. I've come in contact with a lot of people from high school and college that I haven't heard from or about it years-- and even some of my friends from the camp I worked at in college. Also? I am now at "pro" level in Arrested Development trivia. Whee! And like the Bisch, my favorite application is Pieces of Flair. I may have gone a little overboard:

Anyway, I'll keep you updated from Texas and New York. I can't wait to see all my friends. Oh, and I have to work, too. *sigh*

Off to get my hairs did.