Tuesday, July 13, 2010

behind jamiepalooza, and what you might find there

I've had a lot of people ask me about Jamiepalooza lately. Some people have even asked to participate. And while I would absolutely adore to have any of you come and visit and spend time with me, even doing some of these very same activities, that would kind of defeat the very purpose of Jamiepalooza, which is to spend it largely solo. So I thought I would share with you guys what a typical Day of Jamie might entail.

It usually starts sometime between 7:30 and 9am. There is NO alarm clock involved, ever. I stretch and rearrange myself, play on my phone for a little bit, Words with Friends and what have you, and usually doze back off. Sometimes I get up straightaway. It's whatever I feel like that morning. Then I brush my teeth, put on my socks and pajama pants and hoodie, and wander into the kitchen for a little of this:

I make myself a nice soy latte, or perhaps a regular cup of coffee, and sit down on the couch with my laptop. I read all of my e-mails, sift through my FB red balloons, look at some blogs, etc. This lasts until my coffee is done, or maybe later, depending on how hungry I am.

Then I eat an apple or some oatmeal, something small, and go to the yoga studio from 11:30-1pm. Sometimes I do my 8-minute arms first, if I remember. While I'm out I run any errands I might have, the drugstore, bank, market, but only those both absolutely necessary and within walking distance.

When I get home I am usually famished, so I take a quick shower (if I didn't at the studio) and make myself a late lunch-- usually pasta because I just worked out for 90 minutes and deserve it, but I throw in some vegetables too. I listen to showtunes and sing along. Sometimes I dance along.

By this time it's mid-afternoon, and I hit the laptop again for another round of e-mails, FB, twitter, and blogs. Sometimes a little work too. This part can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on what's going on that day. I decide what I'm going to make for dinner. I sometimes have a glass of wine or perhaps do the dishes from lunch. I read for a bit- whatever book I'm reading, or my EW from that week. Sometimes I do a sudoku puzzle.

Around mid-evening I'll make dinner. Sometimes I'll watch Friends/Seinfeld/Scrubs reruns or sometimes I'll listen to music. Once my dinner is ready I pick out my evening television-- a Netflix dvd or something from my DVR, or if I'm really REALLY lazy, just keep watching sitcom re-runs instead of committing to a new story. At some point I might get up and do the dishes, or I might not. There is usually more wine, or sometimes a cup of tea.

Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch, sometimes I fall asleep reading, but I usually drag myself to bed around midnight, happy as a clam.

So there you have it. JAMIEPALOOZA. Sounds pretty freakin' fantastic, doesn't it? I don't hold the patent on this day of awesome, so feel free to rip it off and mold it into your own. I won't mind in the least.

Monday, July 12, 2010

a note from Fatty McPudge

First off, welcome, Alecia, to the world of blogging. I think you'll find it nice here!

Down to business: I have had a come-to-Jesus talk with my (fat) self about my body. Now, I have a relatively to healthily positive body image, always have. I don't want to be a stick. But my pudge is a little out of control. You know how when you're just a little overweight, your clothes are too tight but you still look better naked than clothed? I've now passed that point. I'm just gross. Don't worry; I'm not spiraling into an eating disorder or anything. I love food, always will. But I am like 15 lbs heavier than I have ever been, and it's time to nip it in the bud.

So, I'm going home today for 10 whole days, and the first week I'm kicking it solo, Jamiepalooza style. I THINK I can carve at least 5-8 of those pesky lbs off in a week, no kidding. I'm going to "cleanse" a bit (only veggies and brown rice or quinoa-- no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol) for the first coupla/three days, then stick to a mostly vegan diet for the rest of the week. Also, I will do my arm video at home with free weights, and either 90 minutes of Bikram OR a walk of at least 5 miles every day.

I think I will feel better once my clothes fit again, and this week will serve to provide me with some much-needed discipline and save me a little dough. Expect lots of updates about dvds and salads. :)