Saturday, August 21, 2010


Bolstered by Bischer's blogiversary post and my surly guardian angel*'s none-to-gentle nudges to blog more often, here I am, wandering back through the blogosphere after so much time off. I'm home for a month, and despite my longing to get back here, I am feeling a bit listless, a bit restless, and have a touch of ennui. I'm not blue or anything; I just need a project. My whole life seems to be continually pummeling toward the Next Big Thing and right now all my grand plans seem to be just a bit too far in the future. I need something that will produce some sort of results for me, and stat. I'm uncomfortable with stagnancy.

I even attempted to make some origami high heels last night, and well, that just ruined a lot of perfectly good paper:

I've been cooking, but I'm not feeling very creative. I've been reading, but for some reason I can't concentrate. I've been watching movies, but I get disinterested and my mind wanders. What's next? What's my Next Small Thing to tide me over until the The Next Big Thing?

*My cranky, surly guardian angel is reading this and he knows who he is. We'll call him Clarence for now. Thanks for believing in me, Clarence!

edited to add: I just tried to fix our shower caddy and only succeeded in a) making it worse, b) making a mess, and c) inexplicably shooting soap directly into my eye. So let's make sure my Next Small Thing falls under the banner of Things I Am Good At (which clearly does not include home improvement or origami).