Saturday, February 21, 2009

re-immersion into the blogosphere

Hello all, and I'm so sorry I've been away so long. And ibym all... Alecia. She might be my lone reader. (Hee... "lone reed.") I have been very busy, and as usual, I'm not really sure doing what.

Let's see... to re-cap, since January 9th, I've been to San Jose, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles. Brian moved in with me. I got to see Charlemagne. I did a cleanse. I painted my toenails blue. I booked a lot of plane tickets. I took a lot of photos. I saw a lot of movies. But I have not dusted my room.

I got home from LA on Monday night and I've been Jamiepalooza-ing for the past 6 days. Usually on those personality test thingies I score about 50-50 on the introvert/extrovert parts, but for some reason I have been rocking it solo all week. And having a marvelous time, might I add! I attempted a "kidney cleanse"-- I made this super magic mineral/vitamin broth and only ate raw fruits and vegetables (and cheated at the movies with Seth for a bit o' popcorn-- what, that's a vegetable, right?). I got all caught up on Battlestar Galactica and LOST and holy CRAP could more be going on in those worlds right now? I painted a couple of canvases that have been partially started for almost a year. I am just really enjoying my time off.

Which is a great thing, because starting next week I have Austin, Long Beach, San Diego, Phoenix, and a visit from my mom for her 60th birthday, and then all of the sudden it's April. And if you work where I work, we all know how busy April, May, and June are going to be. And then I go to Europe in July!!! WTF!?

Did you know the literal translation of tempus fugit is less "time flies" and more "time flees." And boy-o, does that make so much more sense.