Friday, November 28, 2008

yay, it's time for Christmas music!

Thanksgiving is over, my kitchen is a mess, and I'm making a Christmas list. And checking it twice, obviously. Last year I did all donation gifts, and it was really nice. I'll probably do of some donations again, but since I'm actually seeing people this year, I hate to show up completely empty-handed. But, it's been a meager year for everyone, so gifts will be small (both in size and cost). (PS> Nobody has to get me anything this year, really. I don't need anything.) I've already picked up little somethings for my darling cousins, my niece, and my mom. The others I'm unsure about just yet. Suggestions are welcome.

My friend Seth is coming over tonight to eat Thanksgiving leftovers, watch Christmas movies, and help me put up my tree. I unfortunately have to go to LA on Monday so I am going to get to enjoy my tree for exactly 15 days this year. Bummer. And on that note, I should get up and wash yesterday Thanksgiving dishes (and by "dishes," I mean "silverware and pots & pans," because we went paper plates and cups this year, environment be damned) so I can get to Christmastizing this place. It's OK- I've got Dean Martin to keep me warm.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

your call is very important to us. it will be answered in the order in which it was received.

I've been on hold for 26 minutes. So far. I've moved from caller #67 to caller #19 in that time period. Apparently my estimated time is now 18 minutes.

For the last 26 minutes, I have been listening to the same song. Seriously? I mean, it's a good song ("This Old Heart of Mine," by the Isley Brothers-- the real thing; not the muzak version) but seriously? Is this part of their grand scheme to make you hang up?

Blurg. Thanksgiving prep underway. Last night I got the remainder of my groceries except the spiced cider, which I have to pick up tomorrow (as well as another bottle of whiskey... not sure what happened to the one I bought last week, except that it's hot toddy weather!) I prepped some of my veggies and made my pumpkin ice cream. I need my roommate to try it and tell me if it's any good (I don't like pumpkin). If it is, I will post the recipe soon.

Double feature Tuesday and today the theme is vampires. Twilight and then some Danish vampire movie that my friend Seth wants to see. That's if we can get from the multiplex to the arthouse in a timeframe that allows us to see them both. If not, the theme will be movies from best-sellers, and the 2nd movie will be The Secret Life of Bees. Shouldn't it be "the secret LIVES of bees"?

Gotta go. I'm caller #8.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

holiday funk

So, it's cold now, and gray. So very, very gray. I don't really love this time of year like I used to. For one thing, I don't really belong anywhere, so there's always the dance of who's going to take me in for the holidays, which makes me feel... misplaced. I know there are any number of people who would be happy to have me, but I don't like feeling like a burden. Secondly, I'm a single gal, and I love love love to buy gifts, but I can't ever afford to do Christmas the way I want to. I have 2 sets of parents, 5 siblings, and 8 nieces and nephews, plus all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends I feel SO overwhelmed. I know they don't care, but *I* care. I like to give presents to my loved ones.

At any rate, I've had a rather glorious week of detoxing from my work year, but my roommate is coming home today, so I had to pick up the living room and try to fluff out the Jamie-shaped indention in the couch. Time to get in productivity-mode for Thanksgiving. You can find my menu here, if you're interested.

Yesterday was double-feature day at the movie-house with my friend Seth, and between films we wandered through Borders. There was a whole rack of holiday movies (yes, including Holiday in Handcuffs-- I was thisclose to buying it for you, Rori, but see above paragraph about how poor I am). I settled on a $9.99 dvd called "Holiday Treats," that includes holiday epidsodes of I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Andy Griffith Show, The Brady Bunch, Taxi, Family Ties, Frasier, and Wings. Rock. ON.

Anyway, I miss the blogging days of yore, when Krysten and Tom were around all the time, and the TANC was in solid effect... can I get an amen? Where is everyone? Signed, Lonely in a Grey City.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, I went to my first protest this morning. It was hot, crowded, and all I could hear and/or see was the signs of those in my general vicinity. I think this movement is important, so I'm glad I went, but I was a little underwhelmed in the process.

No matter what your feelings on same-sex marriage is, hear me on this. No popular vote should be able to restrict the rights of any minority group, especially when the popular vote is overriding a Supreme Court decision. We are not a democracy. We are a democratic republic. We don't vote on every decision; we elect those who vote on our behalf. If we start asking to vote on every decision our Supreme Court makes, we are undermining the authority of our leaders-- the leaders we have voted on and elected to make these decisions for us.

Unfortunately I got b*tch-slapped by one of the worst migraines I've had in years right in the midst of the rally. I'm not sure what brought it on, but the heat and crowd certainly didn't help. I took an excruciating bus ride home, promptly vomited when I go through the door, then took a cool shower, an imitrex, and laid on the couch in the dark with an icepack for an hour. The next hour I took a muscle relaxer, and moaned for another hour, at which point I took a second imitrex AND an ambien, hoping to at least sleep through part of this nuerological trauma. I dozed for another hour and finally got up and made myself something to eat. My head is only throbbing without 20% of the intensity it was a couple of hours ago. I can't believe I'm not asleep from the ambien, but I just sort of feel dull and in slow-motion. I think I'm parking on the couch with my DVR for the rest of the evening.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know, I know

...I haven't updated in FOREVER. I have been insanely busy with work. But it's all worth it now because koo-koo-cachoo, I have the next 3 weeks off. That's right. Suck it, 9-to-5-ers, I have three weeks off and still get paid every Friday!!! I only have one 3-day show in December, and a maximum of 4-5 office days, so really, I'm practically done for the year. I might add 40-50 more hours to my time sheet (which right now is hovering around 1700, so, still less than 40 hrs/week for 50 wks/year) but I'm pretty much D-O-N-E until after the new year.


Today, no alarm. Coffee and facebook and sudoku, lazy lying around, lunch with Seth. Grocery shopping, but only because I'm out of coffee. Evening poster-making party for my very first protest tomorrow. Enjoying the quiet. Thinking about making a to-do list for my time off, which so far includes: get a California driver's license, go to the new Academy of Science, clean out my closet, take the GRE... you know what? Nope, I can't think about being productive yet. I have to vegetate for a few days, at least. I deserve it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Prop 8

I'm sure even non-Californians have heard about Proposition 8, right? They are trying to repeal the brand-new legalized marriage of same-sex couples in California. It was a very hot item on this year's ballot, every bit as important as President to a lot of Californians.

I was reading up on the numbers this morning and I found this little gem of a photo:

I know; stereotypes exist for a reason. We have our baby-boomer-aged soccer mom holding up a "protect marriage" sign and our tattooed, sparsely-clothed presumed-gay-dude-in-ridiculous-hat holding up his "equality for all" sign, and then what? A bald guy on the left with a Mervyn's Going Out of Business sale sandwich board??? I envision masses of formerly dedicated voters streaming across the street to buy last season's gymware and vanilla-scented candles. What a random photo.

Oh, and Al Franken won a Minnesota Senate Seat? Al Franken, formerly of Saturday Night Live? Al Franken, who wrote Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them? Wow, can anyone be in politics these days?

So, congratulations, America, on getting out and voting, and choosing President Obama. I'm so excited for this epic time in our history. And Senator McCain? Lovely and gracious concession speech. I tip my hat to you, sir. Thank you for your service to our country.

And now I should get up and get to work, where I will be around 3,000 men and women in various levels of fatigues and dress uniform. It's Joint Forces show attended exclusively of military personnel. I wonder how the general mood is going to be there today? I will try to keep my absolute elation on the DL until move-out.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

hello, election day!

get out there and VOTE!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

in search of falafel

So, I was just searching le blog for the last time I was here, because I found a really good Middle Eastern place that delivered to the convention center, enabling me to eat the same thing every day for a week (combo falafel-tabouleh-feta wrap with those awesome Middle Eastern spicy pickles, and a cup of lentil soup). Sadly, I didn't seem to document the wonder of that combo sandwich, but I did find this post. Hahahahahaha! Hahaha! I am still laughing. Hahahaha! Which is great, because wow, I am having a sh*tty morning.

Bruce IS pretty awesome and in agreement with Uncle Al's comment, I am lucky to have him. Mark your calendars, only 2 more shopping months to Official Danael Broussard Day.

edited to add: I forgot to tell you guys, last night I was at the Bourbon Bar in my hotel (what? I'm in Kentucky!) and the lounge singer happens to do keyboards and vocals for Gary Lewis and the Playboys. FOR REAL! He played I Left my Heart in San Francisco for me, and then obviously, This Diamond Ring. THEN, I met some actors from New York that were in town for a workshop (I know, backasswards, right?) and I went all Tobias Funke and said "and then I met some actors from a local theater troupe!" and then there was just too much excitement and I had to go to bed.