Friday, November 28, 2008

yay, it's time for Christmas music!

Thanksgiving is over, my kitchen is a mess, and I'm making a Christmas list. And checking it twice, obviously. Last year I did all donation gifts, and it was really nice. I'll probably do of some donations again, but since I'm actually seeing people this year, I hate to show up completely empty-handed. But, it's been a meager year for everyone, so gifts will be small (both in size and cost). (PS> Nobody has to get me anything this year, really. I don't need anything.) I've already picked up little somethings for my darling cousins, my niece, and my mom. The others I'm unsure about just yet. Suggestions are welcome.

My friend Seth is coming over tonight to eat Thanksgiving leftovers, watch Christmas movies, and help me put up my tree. I unfortunately have to go to LA on Monday so I am going to get to enjoy my tree for exactly 15 days this year. Bummer. And on that note, I should get up and wash yesterday Thanksgiving dishes (and by "dishes," I mean "silverware and pots & pans," because we went paper plates and cups this year, environment be damned) so I can get to Christmastizing this place. It's OK- I've got Dean Martin to keep me warm.


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