Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December in LA

Being in LA in December always reminds me of LA Confidential, to the tune of Yes, I'm Still Mad that Titanic Beat it out for Best Picture Back in 1997, You Academy Voters are Ridiculous.

My flight last night was delayed almost three hours. My 1-hr flight. Soooo irritating. Then I sat next the most fidget-y girl in the entire world-- she pushed every button she could reach, talked to her husband/boyfriend/douchebag "Baby" in an outside voice the entire time, and ps> he was in the seat behind her, not beside her- and they were both in middle seats so she didn't even turn around, just talked, and she was carrying Indian food. And also? I want to throttle whoever invented touch-screens. Or at least whoever sold them to Virgin America. Why, oh WHY would you put touch-screens in the back of someone's seat? Have the people that made this decision ever taken a flight with someone poking the back of their seat the entire way? Or, ever taken a flight, period? Stupid, stupid, stupid. In addition to music, TV, and being able to text message people in other seats (I wish I were kidding), they have games like Mah Johngg. Now, I love Mah Jongg, maybe more than the next girl, but seriously? A game that is ALL TAPPING? ON THE BACK OF MY SEAT? There are not enough caps to explain how long that hour flight was. There were, however, enough cocktails at the hotel to make me get over it. And that number was 3. Don't judge. They were basil gimlets and they were my dinner, because obviously, the kitchen was closed when I got here at 12:40am.

ANYway. So, I love JJ Abrams' shows. All of them. I don't think Fringe is getting a very good following, but I love it. It's part Alias and part X-Files, well- more like X-Files with Sydney Bristow 2.0 heading up the team. And because it's JJ Abrams, there's a shadowy possibly-government-based conspiracy called "The Pattern" and always a cool unexplained phenomenum-of-the-week, like butterflies with razor-sharp wings that can cut you to pieces but they're really all in your head. Anyway, for some reason I really love it when JJ Abrams can find little ways to give his own shows shout-outs in his other shows, like that time on Alias when Sydney had a party at her apartment and "You All Everybody" was playing in the background. It's so snarky and genius of him. So this week on Fringe they were looking through a suicide victim's apartment, and found an airline ticket from New York to Omaha... and the airline? Oceanic, of course!

Bwa-hahahahaha. Genius. Ohhhhh, I can't wait for January!!!!!!

Oh, reaching out to the masses here-- don't ask me how, seriously- don't, but somehow I managed to accidentally delete my iTunes library, and even though it wasn't a big deal to re-import all my files, I lost all my playlists. Grrrr~ They are still on my iPod though. Does anyone know how to get the playlists from my iPod back into my iTunes without 3rd party software? And if I have to, does anyone know of a good freeware I can try? Thanks~ I don't want to have to sit down with my iPod and recreate them all by hand. That seems like a daunting project.


Blogger Julia said...

I second your love for JJ Abrams' shows. I'm liking Fringe for the most part but the main girl is no Sydney Bristow. And I have no idea how to solve your iPod/iTunes problem. Sorry :(

December 02, 2008 3:49 PM  

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