Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vegas, baby, Vegas~

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted- I just had a hell of a week in Las Vegas that included 2 broken laptops and a bunch of bitchy exhibitors. Thank goodness I get to see them all again in 3 weeks at a sister show in New Orleans. Ugh.

I had a blast with my friends, though, when I wasn't working, and got home today exhausted. I had several offers for tonight including the LoveFest parade, the Greek food festival, and the Folsom Street Fair, but I opted for some homemade soup (posted over at my food blog, which let's face it- I should change from Food, Glorious Food to Soup, Glorious Soup) and a whole week of premieres on my DVR. Lame? Possibly. Awesome? Definitely.

I'll be back tomorrow with my opinion on the new TV season.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mensa Quiz

What is wrong with my calculator???

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome

You know how when do something over and over, even if it's not something you picked or even really liked at first, you kind of end up loving it? Like how my friend Ashley learned to embrace Scotch on a bus ride in Scotland where she was forced to take a shot of it at every stop, or how, no matter how terrible they are, you have a special fondness for reruns of Saved by the Bell, not in spite of, but because you've seen every episode at least 37 times?

In the same manner, I love flying. I love it. I love flying over America and staring down at our geographically diverse land- I almost wish there were big, obvious state lines I could see; wouldn't that be rad?- and thinking about all the lives of all the people: families in the suburbs where all the roofs look the same, or the single person doing a crossword puzzle over take-out in a cramped apartment building, or the one solitary farm house in the middle of nowhere.

I like busy airports that are full of excitement and the energy of hundreds of people going on vacation or visiting loved ones or coming home. I love empty airports, too. I love how the conveyer belt in San Francisco seemingly eats my luggage in San Francisco and 8 hours and 2 planes later it pops out on another belt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm consistently amazed that it's someone's job to keep the hundreds of planes on dozens of airlines that are in the air at any given time from crashing into one another and that people still get angry when their flight is like 8 minutes late. I love that everyone in an airport thinks he is the only person there who is in a hurry. I love how people who are in boarding group 6 crowd up at the gate when they call first-class passengers only, like they will lose their assigned seat if they're not first in line. And I love sitting on the ground with my $3 bottle of water next to the only electrical outlet in general vicinity and blogging about my travels. I know it's not for everyone, but I will certainly miss it when I start the next chapter of my life.

Now, without further blathering, in honor of Emmy Sunday and the girls' night I can't have tonight because I'm stuck in a fracking airport, a hilarious and horrifyingly accurate faux tv guide:

Hope everyone is doing well. I just had a fantastic weekend in Iowa for Tonya's wedding. I will post photos and stories soon. Love, me.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

San Francisco... finally, an update

So, Nathaniel bet me $5 that I wouldn't be all unpacked by the end of the year. THE YEAR. OK, so that was a viable bet based on the fact that I had 2 unpacked boxes in the corner of my Dallas apartment for 18 months- but, never one to lose a bet (or a triple-dog dare) I showed him and got completely done this week. D-O-N-E. He came and checked it out for himself but neglected to give me my $5. Bastard.

So, without too much ado, a blog o' photos (click on any to enlarge):

The kitchen:

The living room:

Hello Jon Stewart! Why do you come on at 8pm on the west coast??

View 1 of the bedroom:

View 2:

So, the closet in this room is ridiculous. It's a little wider than that door you see, but it's too shallow to push hangers past the door frame!! Wha? In the huh?? Why would someone do that? So, I had to take my television cabinet and make it into a wardrobe. View 3:

I bought those leaded windows at an antique market about two years ago. My crafty stepdad Tom built me the TV cabinet around them. Wicked cool, eh? Alas, it was too tall to go through the living room door so I got a closet rod cut and some brackets at the hardware store and Nathaniel installed them for me. We painted it, antiqued the edges, covered it in polyurethane, got high off the fumes, and voila! More closet space. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

All in all, I love this space. It's a little run down, but you can't beat the size and location. The Inner Sunset is the place to be; I haven't been in a neighborhood yet that I like more. I am less than 5 blocks from a post office, a drug store, a Bank of America, a hardware store, a farmer's market, a yoga studio, and restaurants restaurants restaurants: thai, indian, sushi, italian, bagels, coffee, mediterranean, vietnamese, raw, healthy, tacos, burgers- you name it, we have it. There's an awesome bakery co-op down the street that makes everything fresh every morning, and they have a different homemade pizza each day for $2/slice. Today's is artichoke hearts, spinach, lemon, & thyme. Guess what's for lunch?

Two buses stop on my corner (the 6 and the 43) and the train (N-Judah) is three blocks down. Oh, and when I start school? It's a block away. ONE BLOCK. I can sit on my stoop and watch all the scrubs walk by and sigh: One day that will be me! (Also, the school's a hospital so I guess if I ever have an emergency I just need to wander up the hill and into the ER.)

I haven't quite got used to the time difference yet - I've been falling asleep around 10-11pm and waking up at 7am but that's OK- I have to start work on Sunday anyway. I also can't get used to the weather- egads! Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, and honestly. Everyone keeps talking about how unseasonably warm it is this year and I'm running around shivering in my scarf and jacket and socks.

I'll be better about posting now that I'm all settled in and the wi-fi works. Off for my pizza!