Thursday, August 13, 2009

an overabundance of parentheses and dopamine

I never really understood why we turn "1" at the brink of our 2nd year. I turned 33 today but technically I'm embarking on my 34th year on this planet. Like the world sees it more as an accomplishment to achieve than a goal to reach. Either way, although my birthday has rather depressed me in the last few years (not because I'm "old"-- I totally don't feel that way-- I just don't feel very accomplished for my 33 years. But that's not what this post is about) I still choose to see it as a celebration of ME. (And also Alfred Hitchcock, Annie Oakley, Dan Fogelberg, Don Ho, Bert Lahr, and Fidel Castro... but again, that's not what this post is about.)

At any rate, I have always found that counting my blessings, though cheesey and it always gets that old hymn stuck in my head, actually does make me feel better about things I'm not so fond of. For example one day when I was having a really crappy day at work, I listed all the things I LIKED about my job and it instantly turned around my attitude. So, in the spirit of lists (and a copy of the list, in case anything happens to the first list)-- here are 33 things that I absolutely LOVE about life in general (and in no particular order):

1- olives

2- laughing so hard I cry

3- the way my body feels after (although absolutely not during) my 90-minute 105-degree yoga class

4- coffee

5- waking up before my alarm (I know that's weird but I love it; it just starts my day out better)

6- the invention of text messaging. seriously. I hate talking on the phone. (Except on my birthday. You still have to call me today and you know who you are.)

7- that point in the morning where the sun just starts to burn of the fog of the Inner Sunset and I can see the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out of the mist

8- flying international first class. It might've been a fluke and I might never get to do it again but it. was. amazing.

9- pasta. mmmmm, pasta. the whole world looks better after a bowl of noodles, hmmm?

10- getting flowers. they're such a useless gift-- they really can only say "I wanted you to know I was thinking about you"

11- making lists (and a copy of the list, in case anything happens to the first list)

12- my family

13- making delicious things

14- serving delicious things to other people

15- dogs

16- music

17- art museums

18- old people

19- babies

20- red gerbera daisies

21- a hot shower

22- inside jokes

23- books

24- TV on DVD. best. invention. ever.

25- learning to love something I thought I hated (like... New Orleans. Bell peppers are still on their own.)

26- crossing things off my to-do list

27- an ice-cold dirty martini

28- post-it notes

29- roasted garlic

30- the internet

31- my amaaaaaazing friends

32- having a full belly

33- having a full heart

So there ya have it. Next year I'll have 34 reasons to love life. In the meantime, I was up before my alarm, have already laughed so hard I cried (thanks Amy), talked to Amy, my mom, and Krysten, got a text message or several, am having a cup of coffee, am on the internet, and am about to leave for yoga, so this day has already accomplished almost a third of the above. No doubt a lot of those other things up there will be crossed off before the day is done, thus self-accomplishing another item on the list.

Whee! Love you guys! Happy birthday to meeeee!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

life sans the interwebs

I know, it's obviously not life totally without interwebs, since I'm updating le blog. BUT, it's life with drastically reduced internet, and that my friends, is practically the same thing. See, I don't know how you live your life at home, but my laptop is always on. Always. It might not always be open and on my lap, but it's always nearby, and I use it. I use it a lot. When I don't have Facebook or gchat open, I at least have it available to look up a recipe, or a word, or movie times, or where else I saw that one guy on that show I'm watching, or information about time zones and moon phases.

Anyway, both of my laptops are broke, and they're broke bad, so they are respectively in Oklahoma City and Middleborough, Mass, getting all tuned up, and I'm getting back to the basics of a person that stays home because she's on a budget and don't have the internet for entertainment. This weekend I've cleaned, cooked, read, used my DVD player, ridden my bike to the beach, gone to yoga, given myself a recession-mani, and watched a fair amount of The Discovery Channel, and actually? It's not been that bad.

Don't get me wrong, when my computer comes back I will go right back to my previous lifestyle, but this has been a productive break. Glass is half full, hmmm?

What did I miss?