Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday, bloody Monday

Before you all raise eyebrows when I say that I've been really busy, shut up. I have been really busy. I know I'm not working, but I've been juggling a million things nonetheless. I've been up since 7:30am, thank you very much!

Thursday night was a Ryan/Taylor pre-wedding get-together. All the Nebraska folks were in town and we took them out for barbecue and country dancin'. You know, I always say I don't like country music, but truth be told, when I hear it live, it's big fun. We played pool and danced and made fun of the entire two-steppin' subculture. It was awesome.

Friday night the girls celebrated Sandy's birthday. Tin Star, yum, then Madison's famous strawberry daiquiris and homemade banana splits. (I didn't count calories on Friday, needless to say.) We got three kinds of ice cream, caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream, and of course, sprinkles. Yowza. And for those of you who looked at the pictures on Sandy's birthday post and thought we might be a little addled... well, we totally are:

Saturday was the actual wedding. WOW. Full sit-down dinner, a never-ending flow of champagne, and one of the best dj's I've ever heard. We danced like fools for at least 4 hours. And I'm here to tell you, if you ever want a really, really good calf work-out, go dance your ass off in 4" heels. I can barely walk!! My calves feel like I went snow-skiing. At any rate, the wedding was a blast. Some of us went out to The Gingerman after that (Scottie in his tux, natch) and then some of us came back to my place to watch a movie. I didn't go to sleep until 7am. I can't remember the last time I did that, but it was big fun.

Yesterday (after 5 precious hours of sleep) I studied for my Nutrition final, and cleaned my apartment. Not just cleaned it, but cle-e-e-e-aned it. Why? Because my parents - who live in OHIO - were going to "drop by" this morning. They haven't been here since we moved the furniture in. They got here around 10 and left at 2, just in time for me to jump in the car and drive to Arlington for a class. I love driving 45 minutes there, and an hour home, for a 30-minute class. But, it was 10 bonus points, so I sucked it up.

My parents came bearing gifts, or, I should say, gift - my first 30th birthday gift. The rest of you still have a couple of weeks to shop. *wink* I got a Bialetti stovetop cappucino maker. You put water in the bottom, espresso in the filter, and milk in the top, turn on the burner, and voila! Cappucino. I've been wanting one for some time; apparently it's what real Italians (and also half-breeds) use.

Off to the gym, then back for more studying. I have to make an 87 on my test to keep my A. I also have 2 reports due for work, a conference call, and a long list of errands to run. Not to mention my to-do list!!! How do people get anything done when they spend 10 hours a day in an office?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, ad infinitum

*As most of you know, I'm pretty close with my Uncle Alan, his wife Sandy, and their kids Justin and Julia (affectionately referred to as "the boy" and "the girl"). They let me crash their Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I don't know if it's always convenient for them to make me the 5th member of their family, but they always do it graciously and I truly appreciate their collective open spirit of generosity. Jule lives here in town now, and although I don't see her half as much as I'd like, I love having her nearby. Jus lives down in Austin and I got to hang out with him 2-3 times when I was down there for work last week. I have no idea what a healthy relationship with a sibling might be like, but I imagine it's something like what I have with these two.

So, all that was pretty much just a lengthy opening act to say happy 25th birthday to my cousin Justin, a smart, funny, talented, creative, and all-around cool dude. I'm thankful that we get closer each year we mature (er... or age, anyway) and I want you to know how awesome I think it is that I have you as part of my family. The picture above was Christmas, 1982. Always a good year when you're wearing feetie pajamas.

*Jule, you can thank me later for cutting you out of the ukelele picture... but don't get too excited because you have a birthday coming up rapidly and oh yeah, there will be pictures then as well.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is the bar getting lower??

Hello, dear readers, it is official: I am now a card-carrying member of Mensa International. Mensa is the so-called "High IQ" society - they actually didn't tell me what I scored, only that I scored in the top 98th percentile or above (but I'm betting I got in by the skin of my teeth). I join Geena Davis, Steve Martin, Isaac Asimov, and Jean Smart (as well as a whole bunch of famous scientists and psychologists, but we all know my trivial knowledge is mostly limited to pop culture). Mensa was founded by two English Barristers in Great Britain in 1946, and has a triple meaning in Latin of "mind, table, month" which suggested a monthly meeting of great minds. The Mensa Organization has a three-fold mission: to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence, and to provide a stimulating, intellectual, and social environment for its members.

The North Texas Mensa Affiliate is an extremely busy and social organization. They have something going on almost every day of the year, so I hope to get involved in some of their outreaches, including volunteering. I took my test at The Reading and Radio Resource Center, which, among other things, records books for the blind. I like that idea and hope to help out.

I'm hoping people will stop arguing with me now that I'm officially smart. Ahahahaha, just kidding. I really just wanted something to put on my grad school application to give me a leg up on the plebians others.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

and so it begins...

Today is the first day in over 2 months I have had NO work, NO school, NO appointments, and NO errands to run. Truth be told, there is plenty of work, school, and errands I could do, but as it's my first day off... I'm not doing them. I'm lying around and watching TV and reading all damn day. Bill's coming over after work to watch The 4400 and he will be lucky if I even decide to shower.

As of today... I have one month off. I leave for Orlando (blech) on August 26th. For the next month I have a t0-do list about a mile long that includes things like "clean out hall closet," "finally unpack those last 2 boxes in the corner since I've now lived here for 6 months," "lose 10 lbs," "read," "watch TV," "cook," "organize my iTunes," "buy a coffee table," and hopefully squeeze in "just generally lie around." OH, and "turn 30." It's going to be awesome.

Also, everyone say three cheers for my friend Rori, who very graciously switched shows with me so I don't have to work on my 30th birthday. She certainly didn't have to and it's not incredibly convenient for her, so I really really appreciate her generous nature and big heart and I plan on buying her a very large "chah-colate mah-tini" next time I see her. *blows kisses to Boston*

In less-exciting news, my iPod is broken and I am really bummed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Sandy!!!!

It's full-on birthday season here in the big D. You'll be seeing a lot of these messages to come. Some day I will be burned at the stake for posting embarrassing pictures of my friends on the internet. But today, happy birthday... to my favorite freak of nature, Sandita Bonita.

This photograph was taken in June 1996. Over 10 years ago.

Here's a famous song-and-dance number performed to the sound of bloody marys being stirred... Pt. Aransas, Summer... 2001? Someone help me out here. Look how little we were!!

And of course, the singing into spatualas. What party is complete without that? This is Sandy's surprise 24th birthday? Again, I need help with the years...

And the all-too-oft told Peep-eating contest. I totally schooled her, btw. My favorite part is that we're wearing workout clothes.

Colorado, February, 2003. How on earth could you even feel your face to smile for this picture?

Aaaaand, some big underwear. I have NO IDEA. Seems like it could be New York, but I think we've only been there together in the summer. Bueller?

As you can see by this limited sample, Sandy has been my partner in crime, my fellow freak, my yang, and many other things for about a hundred years. We're a dynamic duo. (Because there's two of us... Julia.) Happy birthday, Sandy... I love you!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Billy's Birthday... 4 days late

I meant to post this on Bill's actual birthday, which was the 20th. But I am a bad friend, and went to Austin without my external hard drive (where my photos live) and stayed there until Sunday, thus missing his party. Bill is now 30 years old (and has stopped smoking, and I'm very proud of him). This picture was taken probably 10 years ago. Bill and I have been friends our entire adult lives. That's pretty cool, no?

And also, because I am mean and funny, all at the same time, I wanted to post this picture. I don't even remember what play it was from (On the Verge?... btw, when you read those quotes, dear readers, in your head hear them as Jamie playing Mary, Erin playing Alexandra, and Bill playing all the male roles. My favorite was always the Yeti. Classic!) but we, no doubt, in our tender age, thought Bill might look like this at 30. Luckily, our former naiive selves have only bettered with age, and Bill now uses that rose to fend off lady-suitors at every turn.

Hey, where the hell is that room?? I have no recollection of that locale. So... happy birthday Bill, and thanks for always being a great friend to me! XOXOX

Saturday, July 22, 2006

still in Austin

I don't feel like a superhero today.

I said that to Shelly earlier, and she said "do you usually?", which made me pause for a moment, but yeah. Usually I do. Meaning, specifically, that I usually feel like I can overcome whatever crap life throws my way, and still come out on top.

Life can be horrible and life can be beautiful, it can be painful and it can be elating, it can hurt and it can heal. But the one thing it always is... is what it is. I can't change it. I can only change how I react to it. And to me, my only choice is to deal. To go on. To get over it. To enjoy and love and live and be. I'm not letting my life be dictated by a poor choice and certainly not by a situation out of my control. I will go on because I have to.

But... I don't feel like a superhero today.

Last day

... of work until August 27! I'm so excited I might pee my pants, er... skirt. Last night was the big association shindig - I love how Texans in the event-planning industry perpetuate the myth that we all wear cowboy boots, listen to country music, and ride a horse to work by always throwing Texas-themed parties. We've had Mexican food, barbecue, and "home cookin'" so far this week (not that I'm complaining about the food... laws, no!).

Anyway, thankfully, the theme of last night's party was "Keep Austin Weird." We had The Spazmatics, an 80s cover band that were actually pretty fun, and the Texas Roller Girls. All I have to say is... I would be an awesome Roller Girl. I spent about an hour in 104 heat herding cattle... ibym "herding cattle..." "...directing attendees onto busses." Unbelievable. We had seven busses for these people, and they all got a free margarita when they got on board, which they had to drink in 7 blocks, because that's how far away the venue was. SEVEN BLOCKS! I don't even want to know how much it cost for 7 busses and 400 margaritas to get them seven blocks. We could have all held hands and walked there in a line in less time it took us just to load the bus. What a crock. When we got there, there were a bunch of crazy people with their art cars. I'm TO-tally going to start bedazzle the Maxima and wear a picture of it around my neck.

Anyway, it's been a fun week. I love Austin. I've had some really good food, and I got to go shopping in the South Congress district yesterday. I found a bunch of awesome stores: an antique store called Uncommon Objects that I could have spent hours looking around in, a boutique called Parts & Labor that only sells local designers, awesome, a toy store that had the most vast display of sock monkeys I've ever seen, and several rockin' thrift stores. I've also got to spend some time with my cousin Justin, which has been great! You can check out his quirky production house here, and when he's famous I'll get you all autographs.

I have a birthday party in Dallas tonight but I'm not sure I'm going to get out of here in time. We officially close at 10am and our "all out" time is 5pm... but honestly, it could be anywhere from noon to midnight. Speaking of, it's getting close to opening time, so I'd better get some work done. Hope everyone as a great weekend, and I'll see you on the flip side!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I. Cannot. WAIT.

(pretty much only Bill, Tom, and Scott will watch this, but OHMIGAH. OHMIGAH!!!)


Uncle Al, the kiddies' pal, sent me this bumper sticker yesterday. My family is weird but I love them.

I got to Austin and apparently the office kinda "forgot" this show. Meaning, I have no printer, no gang box, no supplies of any kind. I found a couple of pens and a paperclip in my bag and am hand-writing orders on a Hilton notepad. Which is a step up from the tablecloth, which is where I was writing them before someone brought me the notepad. Good times. I went out and bought a printer this morning (thank goodness I have my car!) and even though I asked the lady at Office Max if it came with the cord and she looked me right in the eye and said that it did, it didn't, so the printer's just hanging out here at my desk, doing me no good until I can get away and buy a new cord. Which, come to think of it, might happen a little bit faster if I stop blogging and start working.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, bloody Monday

Holy crap, I just made the best cookies I've ever made. I'm the Patron Saint of Cookies now. I was making them for my work guys but they'll be lucky if they make it all the way to Austin. It's not looking good for them. I've had like four. OK, seven. What? The last three were overdone! My kitchen timer is broken!!! I can't take my co-workers overcooked cookies... I HAD to eat them.

My house is a wreck and I'm trying SO hard to ignore it. I will have plenty of time to clean when I get home from Austin. A month, in fact, of no work and no school. So I'm trying really hard to turn a blind eye to the mess, since I have to study for a nutrition test and pack for a trip and all... but I'm not doing so hot. It's driving me crazy. Plus, I'm a little ADD tonight. I still haven't watched any of my movies that are sitting here. And I need to be in bed by midnight. That's the goal. Who knew nutrition was going to be so much chemistry? Look, something shiny!

Oh, I got my stitches out today and all the cancer cells are gone, but I seem to have had some sort of allergic reaction to the nylon threads so I had to get some more medicine and some weird second-skin bandage sticker thingies (which are way too tan for my white neck, but that's another grief). Awesome.

Oh, and I don't think anyone who cares about this piece of info still reads this blog, but one of the words on the American Mensa test (which I took on Saturday and which kicked my @$$) was propinquity. Hey, hey, it's the dork squad! Suck it, Trebek!!

OK. I'm drawing carbon bonds now. Right after I clean the kitchen.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


:: I have laundry to do and I'm out of quarters and it's 103 degrees outside so I'm just not leaving again. I simply can't do it.

:: I have a ton of reading to do but I got sucked into the second season of The West Wing -- reading my Planets book and working with NASA last week made me want to watch Galileo and then I couldn't stop. I have 4 movies here but I can't turn off TWW.

:: The movies, btw, are Donnie Darko, Cinemania, Cinderella Man, and Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow. Suggestions will be given consideration, but since I only slept 6 hours last night I doubt I will stay up that long.

:: I've had a migraine most of the day but it seems to be getting better now, after 2 Axerts, 4 Exedrin, and lying in the dark with an ice-gel mask for an hour.

:: I had to get a new nose ring in Sacramento (the rhinestone fell out of my old one) and the parlor only had 18-gauge and I was pierced with a 20-gauge, so it feels like I just got it done all over again.

:: I was planning on making cookies tonight (oatmeal-cranberry-pistachio) but I only have one stick of butter so I guess I'll have to get some tomorrow when I go out for quarters.

:: Or maybe I can make a half batch.

:: I'm still in love with Danny Concannon. And Margaret.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Game on!

So, I got my grades back from Summer I: A in Psych, B in Stats. Of course I'da been happier with 2 A's but I'll live. Nutrition started this week. So far it has not swayed my eating habits one iota. :)

I got some FANTASTIC news today. TWU has opened their accelerated BSN program at the Dallas campus. It is the same 15-month program as I intend to apply to at TCU, only about 45 minutes closer to my apartment and about $15,000 cheaper. I am SO excited! I'm going to try to meet with them next week and see if I'm doing all the things I need to be doing to get in there. I think I might need another class (Chemistry). I will probably still apply to both but I would love TWU to work out.

Today's salad is portobello mushroom, lemon, pecans, and couscous. I want to take The Capitol Garage home with me.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

People are weird.

So, I found this awesome place practically right outside the dock door called the Capitol Garage. It's like my dream come true - a coffee shop with salads and sandwiches and other goodies, all outside the box (you know how much I hate it when someone boxes up some iceberg lettuce and a cherry tomato and calls it a salad) PLUS a full bar. They also have my favorite potato chips of all time - Dirty's, in all my favorite flavors of salty goodness, including roasted garlic and herb, jalapeno heat, and cracked pepper & sea salt. Yum! Anyway, today I went over there and got this premade salad for lunch - it's spinach, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, and chicken, with some lime wegdes and some sort of awesome spicy hot ranch dressing. I come back and commence to shaking it up because it was in all these pretty layers, but you know, I wanted it all mixed up with the dressing and everything, and proceeded to rain a light layer of black beans all over the black carpet by my desk. And my khaki shorts. Awesome.

So I pick up all the beans, (sighing and rolling my eyes like a petulant teenager) and proceed to sit down and eat my salad, and look up the nearest Bank of American ATM. I'm just sitting here, calmly, eating my salad, looking at my computer screen, and this electrician came by and said, "man! you just never stop!" and I'm like "excuse me?" "You're just going going going all the time! Never stop working, do ya??" he crows, and I, rightfully confused, say "well, not until everything gets done, I suppose." He then proceeds to throw his head back and laugh uproariously as though I just told him the funniest story he ever heard. He frightened me, a little bit.

I just finished a book called The Planets, by Dava Sobel, and it's this really interesting break down about the science, history, and mythology of the planets in this lil' solar system. I'm a total science geek; I love reading stuff like that. I was reading about how when they do the manned moon orbits (the first was Apollo 8), when they're on the other side, the moon blocks all their radio contact to everywhere in the universe, so for like 28 minutes everything is completely dark and completely quiet. What a thrilling (and chilling) notion! The Challenger be damned, if I ever had the chance to go up there, I absolutely wouldn't hesitate. So, coincidentally aligned with my recent reading choice, I'm working at the Association of International Aeronautics and Astronautics this week, and I have to admit, I'm a little turned on by all these brilliant minds crammed into one room.

Rumor has it that Sacramento has a bar that sells Shinerbock and Lone Star Light on tap! I'm going to try and find it, but maybe not tonight because I'm halfway through my Weeds marathon and I really want to continue. I can't decide who is sexier, Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Mary-Louise Parker. HOTT!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weeds Marathon!

OK, I can now forgive Mary Louise Parker for that horror named Amy Gardner. I am totally, completely, head-over-heels in love with Nancy Botwin.

Plus, any show that uses Rilo Kiley in its pilot always has my vote.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

straight as an arrow

Somewhat like Halley's comet in its appearance around the globe...

I went to get my hair cut today and my Vietnamese hairdresser Dat (pronouced "dot") always wants my hair to be straight. Join the club, Dat. Everyone is a member but me. Anyway, I let him, and here you have it. The product of 45 minutes with a blow dryer and a big round brush. Enjoy, because as long as the humidity is above 12% (read: always) then you have a 99.99% chance of never seeing this again.

Say goodbye to my little friend!

I think I forgot to tell you guys that I had a minor surgery this morning (probably because I myself forgot about it until late last night). So minor, in fact, we'll just call it a "procedure." Today I look like this:

Hot, right? I get to wear my awesome stitches for an entire 10 days. I can't wait to see how many times I have to answer the question "what happened to your neck?" Maybe I should just tell people it was vampires and see what they say. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I went in this morning, starving, (I mean, I'm practically always starving when I wake up, but this morning I was really starving, must be the huge dinner I had at Mi Piaci last night... mmmmmm) because I had to get some anesthesia, and I'm just never sure how that's going to affect my tummy. Afterwards I decided that I really needed Chik-fil-A. There ar obvious reasons why I never lose any weight, eh? I justified it in that I had to drive myself to and from surgery so I deserved a treat, in the form of fast food, natch. It was too early for strips or nuggets, so I had to (twist my arm) get a Chik'n Biscuit. Fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit!?!! Those yankees don't know what they're missing. It's fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit! Breakfast of champions! I successfully talked myself into throwing away half the biscuit but damn, if it wasn't incredibly satisfying anyway. So in honor of my awesome fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit... Keira Knightly, ... please eat a hamburger.

What is going on with Hollywood these days? Keira has always been a cute girl, if a little thin for my personal taste, but seriously? Who finds this attractive? Where are her boobs? Where are her ARMS? Pirates took them and left her with toothpicks? Are we supposed to be able to count ribs through concave chest cavities? Is the entirety of Hollywood anorexic now?

Take a hint from Katherine Heigl and her smokin'-hot bod: women are curvy.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Short people of the world, unite!

And stand together in protest.

Our dress code changed at work. You would think that since I do so much bitching about my "uniform" that I would relish the chance to wear my own clothing, but I don't. Packing used to be a snap, because everything was either black, khaki, or white. I never had to worry about what I felt like wearing, 'cause it didn't matter. None of my uniform clothes really required ironing. I could wear everything with Chuck Taylors. So NOW, I have to dress in the "business casual attire of [my] choice." My distress if three-fold. First of all, it's been a long time since I had to dress "business casual" for work, so most of it is either out of date or too small. Secondly, I will now have to form actual outfits in my head, meaning I can probably no longer pack the morning I leave for the airport. Third, I'm not really a very "business casual" kinda gal. And also, just UGH.

So, I go to the mall today (Why I Hate Northpark Mall, coming soon to a blog near you) to get some new pants to wear to work. Now, I've always been a bit peeved that Express, Old Navy, Gap, Limited, and pretty much everyone else in the world that I can afford only sells their black, khaki, and grey pants in short/petite/ankle/whatever they call it. Like short people don't like to wear clothes that aren't boring? But it's been ok for me in recent years because like I said, I was always in uniform that required my pants to be black, khaki, or grey anyway, so, whatever. Now? The Express only sells "short" in BLACK. WHAT THE HELL??? Who is a size 4 and is 5'10"?? (If you can answer yes to that question please don't e-mail me; I will sit on you.) So now if I want to wear anything other than BLACK PANTS I have to pay an extra $12 to get them tailored. I am livid.

Also, I went to two different Blockbusters to get the 3rd disk of The 4400 Season 2 and it is out out out. Booo!

Damn you, Lord Voldemort!!!!! *shakes fist at sky*

This morning I got on my blog to change my heading back from its 4th of July outfit to its normal, Batgirl header, and that's ALL I DID. Changed one line of code and my entire sidebar disappeared. And of course I didn't preview it before I published it (because I only changed one thing) then I lost it all and had to rebuild it from scratch. Uuuuuuugh!! I'm a little bit ticked and I just wasted an hour of my very busy day.

I don't want to go back to work. *pouts*

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

I was awakened this morning by firecrackers near my bedroom window. I thought someone was banging on my door, and I had a mild heart attack because my phone is broken and that makes me nervous (I don't have a land line). After the heart attack I was just ticked that I was awake. Did I ever tell you guys that I have the most comfortable bed in the world? I got a mattress pad and these pillows from an exhibitor at World Market and I really think they might actually be worth what they cost. They're unbelievable. Oh, and if yaycoffee is reading this, I don't know why I didn't mention it last night when we were talking about: valerian root. Best thing to happen to insomnia since well... way before sliced bread.

So, finals are OVER! Wow. I have three whole days before I leave for work and quite honestly- no work, no school? I'm not sure what to do with myself but I haven't had an empty day for well over a month. Bill and I are watching The 4400 (geek alert!) and I have some errands to run, but mostly I'm just going to lie around and contemplate my navel. It's going to rule.

On that note, I'm making coffee and getting on the couch.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

weekend update

I had a pretty stressful day yesterday... my phone is broken: first it stopped ringing, but it was still vibrating, and now it's not doing either. So, unless I'm actually LOOKING at my phone when a call comes in and can see it light up, I miss it (so, if I don't answer your call, you can try to IM me). I had a bugger of a time finding the Cingular store, and then after he verified that my phone was indeed broken and was indeed still under warranty, he then directed me to "call this number" for a new phone. WHY couldn't he have done it at the store? Too simple? So, anyway, I had to spend about 20 minutes on hold with a 30-second muzak loop (and apparently my speakerphone function is also broken, so I had to hold it to my ear *snort*), to then spend 30 minutes re-explaining my problem to that lady, so she could say she would send me a new phone. "Due to the holiday you may experience a delay in shipping." Awesome.

THEN, I got back home to grab a bite to eat. Our parking spots are at 90 degrees and have big metal poles between every two spots. The two rows are pretty close together (not even the width of two cars) so it's a tight squeeze to pull into one at all, especially mine, since I share my two-fer with an Escalade. I almost always have to make a 2- or 3-pt. landing. This time he was about a foot away from the pole on his side, so even though I made like a 4- or 5-pt. pull-in, I still accidentally scraped the pole on my side. I'm TICKED. I have no idea how much damage it is, but I just got that car! I looked around at the 16 spaces back there, and almost every car has some level of ding on it from one of those damn poles. So now I have to ask my 83-year old landlady for a new space.

THEN, I went for my new tattoo! Yay! My last body modification. 30 and I'm done. *weg* This one will not be easily hidden from my mother, so I'll have to decide whether I want to warn her or wait for her to find it.

Today is study study study... finals tomorrow!! Ugh, and yay.