Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Short people of the world, unite!

And stand together in protest.

Our dress code changed at work. You would think that since I do so much bitching about my "uniform" that I would relish the chance to wear my own clothing, but I don't. Packing used to be a snap, because everything was either black, khaki, or white. I never had to worry about what I felt like wearing, 'cause it didn't matter. None of my uniform clothes really required ironing. I could wear everything with Chuck Taylors. So NOW, I have to dress in the "business casual attire of [my] choice." My distress if three-fold. First of all, it's been a long time since I had to dress "business casual" for work, so most of it is either out of date or too small. Secondly, I will now have to form actual outfits in my head, meaning I can probably no longer pack the morning I leave for the airport. Third, I'm not really a very "business casual" kinda gal. And also, just UGH.

So, I go to the mall today (Why I Hate Northpark Mall, coming soon to a blog near you) to get some new pants to wear to work. Now, I've always been a bit peeved that Express, Old Navy, Gap, Limited, and pretty much everyone else in the world that I can afford only sells their black, khaki, and grey pants in short/petite/ankle/whatever they call it. Like short people don't like to wear clothes that aren't boring? But it's been ok for me in recent years because like I said, I was always in uniform that required my pants to be black, khaki, or grey anyway, so, whatever. Now? The Express only sells "short" in BLACK. WHAT THE HELL??? Who is a size 4 and is 5'10"?? (If you can answer yes to that question please don't e-mail me; I will sit on you.) So now if I want to wear anything other than BLACK PANTS I have to pay an extra $12 to get them tailored. I am livid.

Also, I went to two different Blockbusters to get the 3rd disk of The 4400 Season 2 and it is out out out. Booo!


Blogger Bee said...

OMG chica, WELCOME TO MY EXPRESS WORLD!!!! I have had endless (and I mean endless) arguments with the Express chicas about this. Every time I complain, they claim the next season will carry petites. Liars!

But since my mom volunteers to hem my pants if needed, I keep buying those fabulous editor pants.

You may want to check out Ann Taylor. They have great stuff in petite sizes. You might pay a tad more, but it balances out if you are paying an extra $12 on top of the pants $60 at Express.

July 05, 2006 4:35 PM  
Anonymous wonderwoman said...

5'10'' & a size 4??? I'll sit on 'em too...and do more damage.

July 05, 2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger krysten said...

well, luckily when the cooler weather sets in you'll have enough cute blazers for every single day! haha, who cares that you're wearing black pants when you've got such cute toppers!

maybe you could just find bermuda shorts in Long, and use them as pants, hahahaha! ok, sorry about that, i have no experience in the plight of the short. I am average in every way.

July 07, 2006 9:04 AM  

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