Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the one in which she gets really serious about losing weight

Did I tell y'all how my love life is all happy and drama free? I think I forgot to mention it, because it's just so natural and easy that I don't need to write it out. So yeah, it's been about... 4 months of serious? We've been friends for about 4 years. It's great. He treats me really well and I'm really happy. Peachy!

I told you guys before how well the career and money portions of my happiness project were going. And then I got laid off. Again. That happened. SO. Career is... nonexistent. And money is... touch and go, until I figure out unemployment, which will be barely enough to pay my bills, or get a new job. I've adjusted my budget and think I'll be ok but I will definitely be living on substantially less than I have been (which is not all that much to begin with).

So I'm going to take this time to go full circle back to health. I finally joined a gym. My goal is to weigh 135 by January 1. That's a little demanding (13 lbs to go), but I think I can do it, especially with all this time on my hands. My objectives:
  • work out 3-5x a week
  • eschew all meat except fish for 6 days a week
  • eschew all dairy except my morning coffee (2T half & half) and occasionally plain, unflavored yogurt 6 days a week
  • watch my portion sizes
  • don't drink alcohol by myself
  • log all food intake and exercise on LiveStrong to hold myself more accountable
Once a week I will give myself a day to eat something whatever I want so A) I don't go crazy, and B) I don't plateau. And if I only get to 140 I'm not going to beat myself up.

Working on my positivity-- happy girls are the prettiest girls. Being unemployed is tricky because you have more time than money. And I'm a fairly social person so having to stay in all the time sort of wears me down. But I'm going to do what I can-- work out, watch Netflix, read, cook, and try to keep my chin up until something else comes along.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

*dusts off blog*

My BFF Danael has been blogging daily, about some really personal stuff, and I think it's brave. I haven't been blogging at all, and I think it's LAZY!

I wanted you guys to know I've been WORKING on my happiness project, even though I haven't been WRITING about it. I feel like I've conquered a few things-- even if it was just dumb luck. Found a new job right before I got laid off-- how great is that? I love it. I'm debt-free, I got a severance package, AND I didn't have to go on unemployment. Not like I'm rolling in dough or anything, but I don't owe anyone any money, I got a new computer, and put a nice solid amount in my retirement fund. So I'm happy in the money arena and the career arena.

Today my new boss agreed to let me shift my office hours to 10am-6:30pm. I'll of course be able to come in earlier if I have a meeting or a pressing issue of any kind, but I think this is going to make me a much happier person, which equals a better employee! I can work out 3 days a week, "sleep in" 2 days a week, and avoid rush hour commute on either end of my day. I think it's genius! So this should help in the health arena, as well as in the general happiness arena.

Things are good over here! Always have things to work on but life is rolling along just fine. Just the way I like it.