Friday, March 27, 2009

I KNOW.[/Monica]

I know, I know. It's been about eleventy billion years since I last updated. My story is always the same; I've been busy, not really sure doing what. I don't know what else to say; I have no better excuse. I've been meaning to update the template as well but yet been able to fit that into my schedule. As with everything else in life, that idea has been shelved with a "soon" label and a hopeful temperment!

In sunny Arizona this week, drying out like a prune. My hair looks like straw and I have chapstick, eye drops, and hand lotion on my person at all times. I feel like a broken record (seriously, it's "I JUST put on chapstick like 5 minutes ago!" every 5 minutes over here) but dude. I live within walking distance of the ocean. This is a long way from there.

We went to see the Greatest! Concert! Ever! last night. Billy Joel and Elton John- yes, their combined age is about 178- but they still put on a great show:

Sadly, that pole that is blocking the exact part of the stage holding the 2 grand pianos was exactly where it looks-- directly in my line of vision, so I spent most of the concert in Krysten's lap, who was weeping with delight. They didn't sing my all-time favourites (Elton: Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters, Blessed, and I Want Love, and Billy: Vienna, This Night, Sleeping with the Television On, and And So it Goes) but they hit most of the standard highlights, including the best renditions of Rocketman and Bennie & the Jets I've ever heard, and a great finale of the lyrically genius Piano Man. *sigh* Happy.

You guys know that Pepsi commercial with Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am, "Every Generation Replenishes the World"? I looooove it. Love love LOVE it. Anyway, last night, from our seats high atop the nosebleed section, we had a great view of the rest of the coliseum, and when they turned out the lights and everyone had their cell phones up and lit and waving, it reminded me of that commercial. We were all singing Piano Man together, holding up our 21st century digital lightning bugs. Nothing like 60,000 fans who know every word of every song to remind you how music can connect the masses, like a big emotional hug.

Anyway, tonight we're going bowling, and then I have to go back to work tomorrow, BOO.