Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Brother on Twitter

Sorry for the delay (again, GRRR) but I was busy, then had Mom in town, then got sick, oh my. I was trying so hard for once a week. Send me reminder e-mails, please. Or tweets, because....

Want to hear something creepy that I just found out about, 2 months late (because I am still one of those dark-age losers who only tweets on her regular, non-iPhone phone)? Well, a couple of months ago I tweeted about Comcast, (text: "ok, so Comcast had to turn off my cable for a min. while they switched names on the account (stupid). now my router is not broadcasting.") and @ComcastBonnie REPLIED to me! Whhaaaaa? Text: "pull the power and plug it back in, chances are it's confused from the switch." CREEPY! Plus, she couldn't have been wronger about what was wrong. I hope she doesn't see this blog and show up on my front door or something. Stop watching me, Bonnie. It's weird.

In other Twitter news, Jacob from TwoP (he recaps my uber-geeky shows, like Doctor Who and BSG) is following me now. I sent him a private message to see if we somehow knew each other from college or something, because I can't IMAGINE why he would be interested in my tweets, but I never heard back. So, weird, again, but hey Jacob, I am a fan of your writing and even though it's creepy and way too Big Brother that you somehow know that, thanks for providing me with entertaining recaps of my favourite shows!

Last bit of Twittermania, I noticed Candybeans follows Tina Fey (text: "I don't even know why I bother chewing corn." -- brilliant) and I read an article in EW or somewhere recently about celeb twitter-ers... riddle me this: how do you know it's the real Whoever that you're following? I mean, couldn't I just make up a twitter account as David Lynch and post the weather in LA every morning? Color me skeptical but I'm curious.

ANYhoo, I gotta get to my day. Laundy, used book store, some actual work, etc. I go back to WORK work on Wednesday and PS> I won't have a day off AT ALL for almost a month. It's going to be Groundhog Day over here. (My alarm is already set to awaken me with "I've Got You, Babe.")

So, I need to enjoy these last two! XOXOX~