Friday, February 10, 2006

boxes boxes everywhere and not a drop to drink

Yeah... that's a beer. THAT's how tired I am. That, and I can't find my corkscrew. Big props go out to Ree-an, Scotticus, Jule, Amy, and Bill for their help unloading the truck. Especially for not dropping my television.

I'm exhausted, and feeling a bit daunted by all the boxes. We actually got a lot done: my bedroom looks great (8 months without my bed and I. can. wait. 2. more. nights...) and the TV/DVD/DVR/modem is all set up, so that is a huge, integral step. Tomorrow, the kitchen!

I had 2 moles biopsied today. *frowny face* One on my chin and one on my neck. That neck skin is a little more sensitive that I had anticipated; it's bothering me a bit. I should have the results in about a week. So I've been walking around all day with bandages on the areas, and Scott was all "did someone clock you in the jaw?" Yeah, you shoulda seen the other guy.

My new coffee pot is frickin' awesome. I just set it to start brewing at 7:15... and since I'm sleeping in the living room I will wake up to the lovely smell. Oh, and Krys... the function you were talking about? It has a clock that for the first 2 hours after it's brewed, keeps the time like a stop watch, so if someone walks into the kitchen and wonders "how fresh is this coffee?" he/she knows whether it's 30 minutes old, or 2 hours old, or if the clock is back on, more than 2 hours old. I don't know why it's that big of a deal, since the caraffe keeps it hot for at least 5 hours that I have seen. Today I brewed it at 7am, and came home at 1pm and had a cup!! OK, so it wasn't piping hot at 1pm... but it was hot enough, and that's 6 hours! Rock.

OK, I have to get some sleep. Another looong day ahead of me. Kisses... and if you live nearby, come over and see me before I leave for New York on Thursday! Yes, that means you!!


Anonymous taraanne said...

Welcome Home Jamie- although I would love to call New York home for awhile. Where in the big beautiful DFW are you living anyway and where can I get ME one of those coffepots?

February 11, 2006 5:25 AM  
Blogger MyUtopia said...

is it safe to have it burning that long unattended?

February 11, 2006 6:39 AM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

I got the coffee pot at Target, lol, it brews into a thermal caraffe so it's not sitting on heat. :)

Tara, I'm in the Uptown/Highland Park area- just around Knox and 75. I loved living in NYC and am SO glad I did it... but am glad to be home.

February 11, 2006 6:54 AM  
Anonymous rozino said...

welcome back sucka!

February 11, 2006 7:02 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

glad to see you've finally got a place to hang your hat again. :)

good luck with all the unpacking. you probably should've labeled the box with the corkscrew "OPEN ME FIRST!".

haha. you lush.


February 11, 2006 8:52 AM  
Blogger MyUtopia said...

hey, can I borrow those boxes when you are done with them? ;)

February 12, 2006 11:38 AM  

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