Sunday, February 19, 2006

New York, New York, it's a horrible town...

Just kidding! Honestly, though, I could have done without yesterday completely. Let's talk for a moment about how Jamie brought the WRONG COAT to NY in February. Right now the wind chill is 5. That's right. 5. That's a single-digit number. I am currently indoors, typing in gloves a la Rolf, wearing my "spring coat" (because when I got here, it was in the 50s), and a have co-worker's coat over my lap.

So, yesterday I woke up with one of the worst migraines I've had in years. I blame Hooters and their spicy, spicy wing sauce. I'll just go ahead and file ordering those wings under "What Were You Thinking?" I'm sure it's full of MSG and other non-food substances that spell poison to Jamie's delicate system.

My prescription medicine stipulates no more than 5mg in 24 hours. I took 5mg in 4 hours (that's two doses, 4 hours apart). I was dizzy and nauseated and sensitive to light and noise (so of course, trade-show set-up was absolutely the best place for me to be) and I was just certain I was going to have to find the nearest hospital for a shot. It took, I'm not kidding, 4 hours from my second dose for the pain to subside. That's 8 hours total of me working in debilitating pain. People I didn't even know were asking me if I was OK. By the way? LOVE to be told "you look horrible!"

Soooo, I ended up feeling better by the time I got off work, natch, so I had Italian comfort food at Da Marino (no, he wasn't there) and going to bed by 10pm. YAY for 8 hours of sleep!! Oh, and yay for Da Marino, a favourite of mine before it ever appeared on Sex & the City. I had a lovely salad of arugula, endives, fresh shaved parmesan, and pears with a lemon/olive oil vinaigerette, and spaghetti carbonara - yeh, I know how fattening it is, but it's my favorite.

Today is a light work day of 9 hours (pay no attention to the fact that it's Sunday) and I have date night with Tom, and since I am well-rested and migraine-free, I'm could not be in a better mood (well, I guess I could be if I wasn't working at all, haha!). Chumleys (third down) here we come! Oh, and Krys, don't hate me... but he's taking me to Pastis for dinner. *wink* We'll go back- I'm a sucker for a good sancerre.

Update: Tom totally flaked on me. Grrrr. I mean, he had a semi-good excuse, which wasn't even "Jamie, it's 12 degrees out and I'm in Brooklyn and you're in Times Square" - which would have actually been plausible, so I'll let him slide. This time. *raises eyebrow* I actually usually love to stay in on Sundays for take-out and television, but since I'm staying at the Hotel Crappy McCrappy, I had to get out for a bit. I took my book to Saigon 48 and had pad thai with the locals. Ibym "locals".... "western european tourists." Hey, I'm in Times Square, remember?

No West Wing for another MONTH. Oh, funny TwoP moment: in this week's 24 recap, M. Giant said ""My wife will have a considerable problem with that," Logan says, wishing that he had Jed Bartlet's ability to phrase that kind of sentiment without sounding completely whipped." Bah! Logan is such a tool. How did he even get to Veep status? Same way as Bingo Bob, I imagine. How diluted has our political system become that both fictional and real-live white men can rise to the seat of ultimate political power by being the least objectionable candidate?

I hope I can stay awake for Grey's Anatomy.


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Migrains suck!

February 19, 2006 3:15 PM  

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