Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"I'm not sad; I'm complicated." (House spoilers)

My last post from Viva Las Vegas! I won't have internet access until Friday (between 2-5pm, natch), so there probably won't be an update until then.

Last night's viewings (while closing my show paperwork and packing the heaviest suitcase in the world) included:

The X-Files: Colony. The one where Mulder's sister comes back (the first time) and there's that shape-shifter dude and Mulder comes to Scully's door and she's all "hey Mulder, let me just answer the phone" and it's Mulder on the phone, and she spins around to look at the Mulder in the doorway and the Mulder on the phone is all "Scully? Scully?" and she has this awesome look on her face and then it ends. Damn, I miss that show. Oh, it's also the episode where Scully says "Mulder, what happened to trust no one?" and he snarks "oh, I changed it to trust everyone-- didn't I tell you?" *snort*

I love that commercial where the guy is on the phone with the voice-automated customer service line: What's your pet's name? FLUFFY. What's your password? BIGBOY. And right as he gets someone his train goes into the tunnel. Heee.

Golden Girls. The one where Dorothy is depressed and she goes to see her pediatrician friend Dr. Weston and I couldn't remember if Empty Nest spun off Golden Girls or the other way around. Either way, I miss both of those shows. I've said it before and I'll say it again- they don't make sitcoms like they used to.

This new Julianne Moore movie, Freedomland? Didn't she already make that movie? And didn't Jodie Foster make it, too? I'm confused.

The West Wing: In the Room. (Bill, just get over it.) This is a huge episode!! First, C.J. and Kate just gave each other a high-five in the Oval Office. How come I didn't notice that before? Ace-high! OK, so this is the one where Penn & Teller do a magic trick that seems to burn the American flag at Zoe's birthday party. There's a publicity nightmare because Penn & Teller won't tell the press how they performed the flag-burning illusion, therefore there is no proof that they didn't actually burn a flag at the White House, and everyone keeps calling it a "kid's birthday party" even though I'm pretty sure it was her 21st, which is a little irritating. C.J. is the new Chief of Staff and Josh cannot seem to take an order from her. His wounded and somehow still inflated ego is just insufferable for many reasons-- not the least of which is how he treats Donna, like even more of an asshole than usual, and then Bingo Bob asks him to run his campaign for the POTUSency. POTUS has a debilitating MS-induced incident on Airforce One. It's so incredibly sad. I love Jed Bartlett so much - what a fascinating, proud, intelligent, caring, multi-dimensional character. When he tells Millie (his old friend and the Surgeon General) that he can't move his hands and she offers to feed him... well, the look on his face made me cry. I cried again when he angrily yelled "This plane is going to China! That's a direct order from your Commander-in-Chief!!" while lying flat on his back, paralyzed from the neck down. It's also one where we meet Senator Vinick (Alan Alda) and he says "Never trust a man who doesn't shine his own shoes." Josh is hemhawing about telling Leo that Vinick is running for POTUS and Leo snaps: "Just spit it out, Josh; you're not going to shock me into my grave." Yep, I cried again.

Friends: The one where Joey gets the chick and the duck! It's the beginning of an era!! Also, Jon Favreau. Thin! And the line "This has been my dream ever since I got my first Easy-Bake Oven and opened Easy-Monica's Bakery!!"

Friends: The one where Rachel dates Angry Guy, played brilliantly by Ben Stiller. Rachel and Ross' date go to the ladies' room and Ross and Angry Guy are left alone... and Ross is all "Well, this is awkward" and A.G. is like "what?" and Ross says "well, because Rachel and I used to go out" and A.G. says "oh, I didn't know that you used to go out" and Ross says "oh. Well, then this is awkward." *snort* And one of my favorite Chandler lines, when Ross is telling them how Angry Guy yelled at people in the theater and Chandler says "Yeah, can you believe that guy? And then when the play was over, he jumped out of his seat, and started, you know, just banging his hands together!" Hahahaha!

House, M.D. *spoilers* This episode included the Poor Man's Dakota Fanning and yet another appearance of Sela Ward's Frozen Forehead. I wonder how much her Botox bill is? Let's put aside the fact that I love that Wilson has a Vertigo film poster in his office and I really want Jesse Spencer to tell me bedtime stories, and say: ohmigah I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, Cameron is pissed. I really liked that scene on the roof... where he says "It's not easy but it is simple." Word. Then in the office where she totally nailed him with the "you've spent months chasing me and now I'm here and you're running away?" I can't believe he freaked out and told her to go back to Mark. Actually? I totally can. What an asshole. (But so hot. Ay, there's the rub. Isn't that always the way?)

Tom Cavanaugh really needs to showcase his inherant cuteness in a better show than Love Monkey. Really. Marry me, Tom Cavanaugh! REALLY.

OK, seriously... I have got to get a life.

It starts today.


Anonymous scotticus said...

I've not seen Love Monkey-- does the show at least have good music?

February 08, 2006 7:21 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

oh x-files, how i miss you...

LOL, i love that commercial!! the guys is trying to be all quiet on the train saying his password and he ends up having to yell it! haha.

ok, so i havent seen the julianne moore movie previews, but i did see a milla hohob*tch one for ultraviolet and thought the same thing...havent they done this movie before?

House was HEAVY last night, eh? yikes. hello lady?!??! what are you DOING???? brad was like "they arent getting back together, because house wouldnt be able to be his miserable self". which is pretty much what the end of the show said. poor, poor, awesome house.

oh, and brad has added sela ward to the list of women he cant tell now its catherine zeta-jones, teri hatcher, and sela ward. *snort*

well, back to forcing fluids...have a good move. i want to see pictures when you get in.

February 08, 2006 9:05 AM  
Blogger The Bagboy said...

I will never get over my hatred of West Wing fanwankery. Why? Because unlike other forms of fanwankery, West Wing fanwankery seems to include quoting of ENTIRE EPISODES as well as emotional reactions to lines, characters, action, and on occasion, art on the walls. Evil.

Krysten, I kind of get what you're going for comparing Ultraviolet to Underworld(s) and Aeon Flux. And you have a pretty decent point with the Aeon Flux comparison (genetically modified assassin, dystopic future, etc.). I have to disagree with the comparison to Underworld however (vampire assassin fighting the forces of an opposing supernatural race). Why not compare it to Leon: The Professinal if the only qualification is that they all contain assassins?

And Milla Hohobitch? C'mon, she was in The Fifth Element! Leeloo! How can you hate Leeloo?!

Ah, being contrary is fun.

February 08, 2006 9:31 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

oh yes, and i meant to say:

"...the patient is stable..."
"OH! Well, i'll be right over!"


and bill, my point was just that they are all eye candy girls matrix-y dressed and with the same flipping and kicking, and with the same elements of assassins, vampires, and darkness. how EXACT the plotlines are is something i dont care to know, haha!

you were delving WAY too far into my comparison...i never think that much into anything...


and ps - i'm with you on the west wing thing...i saw one episode, and i just dont get it. i think i just stared at the tv screen the whole time without actually seeing what was on it.

sorry jamie, i just dont think i'm on board with that one...must be too high brow for me, haha!

February 08, 2006 10:08 AM  
Blogger MyUtopia said...

Love the new look!

February 08, 2006 11:48 AM  
Blogger Shelly said...

BIG BOY!! Hahaha...that part kills me.

I dig the new design!

February 08, 2006 12:11 PM  
Blogger The Bagboy said...

Krysten, I don't generally think that deeply either (ask my friends; BA DUMP BUMP!), but I was feeling saucy since I got called out in this post. I totally agree with your comparisons.

February 08, 2006 3:13 PM  

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