Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday's Second Post: Superheroes Unite!

Man, I love love love comic book movies. If only life was so black and white! Everyone falls into mutually exclusive categories of good, evil, or insignificant... And good always ultimately wins. I love it!

Jul and I just watched X-Men (*makes note to purchase X2 for self after Easter*). We started to watch Hugh Jackman's screen test, but we couldn't be bothered because he was wearing a shirt the whole time. Anyway, I love that movie. I'm not certain it follows the comic exactly (I know, for example, Rogue's backstory is a bit different than portrayed) but the effects are fantastic and it's a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Anyway, I went to Marvel's hero page to look up something, and ended up staying on it for over an hour. What an awesome site! There are like 200+ heroes alone... they could do movies forever! I totally wish they would make Firebird.

I have a fun meme for tomorrow, but for now, Which Batman Character Are You?? I am:


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