Saturday, January 28, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!

OK, so, these two weeks I am spending at World Market Center. Most of you know I work in trade show management. This is not a trade show. Las Vegas is building a new permanent furniture showroom called World Market Center and until it is done (projected 2008) they are doing these biannual temporary show rooms. It's excruciating on many levels, not the least of which being that no one at this show has ever done a trade show before, including show management. The fun part is that we're in these big tents. They look pretty much exactly like this:

Except the part about the bees. Well, that I'm aware of.

There are three of them. They're pumping artificial air in here as fast as they can so it's really hot and dry in here, then the wind catches the glass door (which is right beside me), slams it back into the "wall," which shakes the entire tent. Also, the tents are white, so from about 11am to 3pm, the sun reflects off the one next to me, and I have to wear my sunglasses at the desk. I look like an idiot. ("You seem to go out of your way to make me feel like a complete idiot every time you're near me, and you really needn't bother. I already feel like an idiot most of the time anyway. With, or without, a fireman's pole." ~Bridget Jones.)

The other fun part about temporary structures are temporary bathrooms. Oh yeah baby. We have the uber-elite "executive" portables. They are, in fact, these:

Except on cement instead of grass. I wish I could find you a better picture. Perhaps I'll take one. There's about 12 stalls in there with toilets that actually "flush," ibym "flush"... "goes down into a big hole with a little water running solely on gravity", and sinks that say "DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER" above them. Ick. Also, it's like washing your hands in ice water, so I wouldn't feel clean even if the water was, in fact, potable. And since it's basically a big tin can, it's about 40 degrees in there, which is not an inviting environment in which to pull down one's pants.

The other thing is this: I always said I thought I could live in the desert. Well, scratch that. The desert in the winter is like crawling around on the surface of Mars. (I know, I've been.) The sun is scorching hot and the shade is freezing cold and the wind whips around knocking things over and there's absolutely nothing to block it. *whimper*

How is everyone else's environments?

ETA: Somebody stole my hoodie!!! Damn you Lord Voldemort!!!! **shakes fist at sky**


Blogger Shelly said...

Well, we did have 27 straight days of rain, and when the sun finally DID come out, I was blinded for quite some time.

Also, we're too poor to afford heat in our apartment, so it is in fact colder inside than out...and I've been sleeping in mittens, scarves, ski gear, etc.

All in all, not bad.

January 28, 2006 9:00 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

we've tied our record of dry days out here in sunny, beautiful Arizona...100 days without moisture.

hooray! *hack, hack, cough*

January 28, 2006 11:27 AM  
Anonymous Julia said...

cold and rainy today. kinda makes you want to stay in bed and not face the world. oh wait, that's every morning ;)

January 28, 2006 4:59 PM  
Blogger delicious_dish said...

It rained. But it's Texas, so it will clear up in what, 5 minutes?

January 28, 2006 9:03 PM  

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