Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Sooo... today, on Krysten's birthday, I got a present from the birthday girl! Actually I got multiple presents!! In case there was ever any dissension... Krysten is one good gift-giver. Now you all know how much I love to GIVE gifts... I also love to receive gifts, especially when it is apparent that the giver not only knows me well, but spent the time to put together a unique a special gift tailor-made just for me. This hit the jackpot, kids. A care package of the umpth degree. And what fun to get on the road!

Unfortunately, blogger is not uploading my pictures this morning... so make sure you click on the links.

First off, one of the sweetest cards I've received in a long time. *sniff* Incredibly heart-felt and caring. Thanks, friend. OK... so, first... I'm assuming right from the knitting needles of Krysten herself, glittens! Actually, I just made that word up. Are they gloves? Are they mittens? There's no need to decide!!! They're just plain awesome, that's what. Two thumbs up!!

I move on to... olives. My favorite food in the world. She sent me bleu cheese stuffed olives! TWO JARS! Double-y awesome? She doesn't even like bleu cheese. Which means she just remembered that I did. Well-played. Dude, I can't wait to crack these bad boys open. Mmmmmmm. I'll have to get a bottle of vodka when I get home.

Next stop... one of the coolest martini glasses I've ever seen. For my olives and vodka, natch.

And last but DEFINITELY not least... my love of snarky t-shirts meets my love of the very activity in which I am currently engaging...

Dearest Krys, I love that you think I'm thinner than I really am... it's sweet, and you have given me incentive to lose those 10lbs so I can wear my shirt with pride! Ibym "with pride"... "without being embarrassed at that roll of fat hanging over my jeans."

So... thanks for the thanks. I hope your birthday present lives up. XOXOX


Blogger krysten said...


i'm so glad you like everything!! :)

yep...the glittens (love it) are right off the hook!

April, here we come! *wink*

March 19, 2006 1:40 PM  

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