Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006!!!!!!!

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind...? What does this song mean? For my whole life, I don't know what this song means.

An interesting end-of-the-year meme: Post the first line of the first blog post of each month in 2005. A sort of Blog Year-in-Review, if you will.

January: New Year's resolutions are a big deal for me.

February: Things invented in the past few years that have revolutionized my life: all-day lipstick. The iPod. And wi-fi.

March: This Wednesday follows a 2-hour season premiere of The Amazing Race 7.

April: So, I'm assuming most if not all of you got my e-mail about the new job.

May: Greetings from foggy San Francisco.

June: Today is Michelle Phillips' birthday. Happy Birthday to 1/4 of the Mamas & the Papas!

July: So, I would like to take this opportunity (ibym opportunity... slow day at work) to expound for a moment on how much I hate shaking hands.

August: I haven't had quite as much down time as I thought I would have while at home.

September: A world without TiVo... is like a night without stars.

October: ***SPOILERS ahead***

November: "Given a chance and a rock see which one breaks a window, and see which one keeps me up all night and into the day."

December: What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation, by Jamie Hawkins.

I hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I enjoy writing. Happy 2006, everyone, and God bless us everyone. *throws confetti*


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