Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas #1

So... I finally got my Christmas cards out. I'd like to apologize in advance for the glitter. I also mailed all the presents that had been ordered and were waiting here for me when I got back... except you Dallas girls; yours are in my bag. So, if you're expecting something from me, what are you waiting for? Go check your mail!!

Today was my first "Christmas"-- I have at least 2 more when I make the Texas rounds ("We are... an American family"). I made a pot roast for dinner and unsuccessfully tried to avoid opening presents while cameras were pointed at me. My niece is 7... and I have decided that presents are just more fun with kiddos around. We got my little sister a coat with a fur collar (no, not real), and she gasped "oh Mommy, that looks beautiful on you!" Awwwww. My OCD mother was cleaning up wrapping paper EVEN AS WE WERE RIPPING IT OFF, so I kept taking it out of the bag and throwing it back on the floor when she wasn't looking. Yes, I'm evil. I'm tres excited about the 5th season of Gilmore Girls that I got from Shan-do. Yes, Virginia, my entire life does revolve around television marathons.

So, I have this All Christmas All the Time playlist on my iPod, right? How I basically made it, was pulled everything that had "Christmas" or "holiday" anywhere in the info. Well... I happen to have the original Broadway soundtrack of Annie, which if you've never seen onstage, is a great deal more political than the movie version (which I also happen to adore). I heard tonight the razzle-dazzle FDR-singing-with-orphans finale, "We're Getting a New Deal for Christmas." HA! Classic.

What I learned today: Doc Marten's are not acceptable snow footwear.


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