Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fun with Sandy, Angela, Bill, Dick, & Jane

I went DVD crazy today.

First, I went to Best Buy to exchange the 2nd 5th Season of Gilmore Girls that I received. I exchanged it for the first 2 seasons of Arrested Development for an extra $11.... brilliant. Thanks Ju!

Then, Sandy told me that she had purchased the first 2 seasons of The West Wing at Sam's for $15 each. I, myself, was missing Season 2, so we went to get it for me. What else did I come across, but entire seasons of Friends for $18.88. I'm not lyin'! I already had 1-6, so I got seasons 7, 8, & 9. For some reason Season 10 was $30 so I waited on that one... once I get it my collection will be complete!

So, basically, I spent less than $100 today and got six entire seasons of television. I'm all atingle with glee.

I hung out with Sandy all day. We ran errands and sat on the porch and watched some Friends gag reels. We also had lunch with Angela and Baby Timothy, at Tin Star, natch, and then I went to Fun with Dick & Jane and dinner with Bill. Then we sat on the porch and talked. The movie was mediocre but my day was fan-freaking-tastic.

I love you, Texas!


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