Sunday, December 11, 2005

iPod wisdom

Thanks Kiddo!

You always knew your iPod was convenient, awesome, and fun... but did you know how intuitive and prophetic it could be? Read on...

Unless otherwise noted, songs are listed [Title], [Artist], [Album].

How many songs: 4980

Sort by song title:
First song: 'Deed I Do, Diana Krall, Live in Paris
Last song: Zoo Station, U2, Achtung Baby

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Gravy, The Monkees, Head- 6 sec (I had to take out the 5-second iTrip Stations)
Longest Song: Mozart's Requiem- 1 hr, 3 min, 38 sec

Sort by album:
First Song: Thunder Road, Cowboy Junkies, 'Neath Your Covers Part 1
Last Song: Tomorrow, Death Cab for Cutie, You Can Play These Songs With Chords

Sort by artist:
First Song: I'm Not in Love, 10cc, Virgin Suicides
Last Song: In the Waiting Line, Zero, Garden State

Sort by date added:
First Song: La Valse De Vieux Os, Yann Tierson, Amelie
Last Song: The Meaning of Christmas, Linus, A Charlie Brown Christmas

Top five most-played songs:
(Not wholly accurate because as I keep my music files on an external drive that stays at home, on the road I play off my iPod through my iTunes, and it doesn't update either "most-played" list. If it did, you would see 5 Christmas songs.)
1. Shed a Little Light, James Taylor, New Moon Shine
2. Take Your Mama Out, Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sister's
3. Someone to Watch Over Me, Blossom Dearie, Songs of the Sirens: Her Own Story
4. Frank Sinatra, Cake, Fashion Nugget
5. The Air That I Breathe, The Hollies, Virgin Suicides

First song that comes up on shuffle: Stayin' Alive, The Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever (hee!)

Search, how many songs come up?
sex: 5
death: 4
love: 259
you: 500
me: 722

Shuffle and Ask:

What do you think of me, iTunes?

God Only Knows, The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds
(it really did!! *wink*)

Will I have a happy life?
At Last, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, The 40's: The Glenn Miller Orchestra

What do my friends really think of me?
Foolish Games, Jewel, Pieces of You
(Haha. And ha.)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Miss Otis Regrets, Ella Fitzgerald, First Lady of Song
(Be scared. Be very, very scared.)

What should I do with my life?
Getting Better, Paul McCartney, Back in the U.S. Live 2002

Why must life be so full of pain?
Stop, Look, Listen, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross, Bridget Jones's Diary
(iPod, thou art wise beyond your years.)

Will I ever have children?
Naked as We Came, Iron & Wine, Our Endless Numbered Days

Will I die happy?
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, Carly Simon, Sleepless in Seattle

Can you give me some advice?

Love Me Like a Man, Diana Krall, The Girl in the Other Room
(And HA!)

What do you think happiness is?
The Puppy Song, Harry Nilsson, A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night
(and awww!)

What's my fetish?
Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby, The Andrews Sisters, Their All-Time Greatest Hits
(oh, seriously!?)

Am I a complete freak?
Faith My Eyes, Derek Webb, Jamie's Top 10 Favorite Songs of All Time

That about sums it up. My iPod knows me better than I know myself.


Blogger krysten said...

holy..., what the..., er, wow.

it's like a musical magic 8 ball!


i am missing out on all these fun ipod questionnaires...poo.

December 13, 2005 7:52 AM  
Blogger J.T. said...

I am NOT going to say that you probably cheated.

I simply am not.

December 13, 2005 9:50 PM  
Blogger J.T. said...

And I'd like a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it, please...

December 14, 2005 10:51 PM  

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