Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I worked 72 hours in the past 5 days. No kidding! I got home this afternoon, finally, and there's a whole crapload of stuff to do in my inbox, and I have a chapter to read and quiz to take for school, but first - oh, first. Tonight is Jamie Night. I already showered, I'm wearing clean pajamas, and I'm making some tomato soup, and I have a bottle of my favorite wine, and last week's Entertainment Weekly, and 14 tv shows on my DVR. See you on the flip side!!!


Anonymous midwest boy said...

hope you have a good jamie night, as it sounds like you deserve it. i haven't heard you say, er... write, anything about the nbc show "Heroes" and i was wondering what you, or any of your readers, thought about it. i can't get enough of it, and can't remember watching a show with better cliffhangers every episode.

October 18, 2006 5:15 PM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

Actually, MWB, if you'll look down a few entries, I did indeed say that Heroes was my new favorite show, although I haven't elaborated much. I LOVE it. My favorite one is Hiro, because he's so in love with his power. He's all dude, a superhero can't use his power for evil. Doy. Now check out my superhero pose. Hee!!

I love the fact that we saw "the end" and now we get to see how they got there. I really like the comic book titles with chapter headings and everything - it's so cinematic.

Can't wait to see how the season plays out.

October 18, 2006 5:52 PM  
Anonymous julia said...

Heroes--love it!

October 19, 2006 5:02 PM  

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