Friday, May 23, 2008

in which she goes on a customer service rant

So, last night I walk into the hotel, around midnight, after working for 14 hours and stopping for a cocktail and some tater tots on the way "home," and decide I need a bottle of water. The vending machine is literally 20 steps past the front desk. I get there, and only have a 5-er, so I go back to the desk and ask for 5 ones. There were 2 people at the desk, an older gentleman and a woman in maybe her late 30s. The guy gives me the ones and the lady asked me if I had been in the sun (because my face was red, shocker). I said no, it was probably just the vodka, and she laughed and told me I was funny and cute. I head back to the machine where my co-worked was buying her bottle of water with all change. It works fine and then we proceed to try about 8 different $1 bills with no luck. We decided maybe it was full of ones and I decided to walk back over to the desk for some change. The following was exchanged:

Me: Could I have some quarters please? Your vending machine's not taking my bills.

Lady, who just told me I was funny, sternly: Ma'am, we are in the middle of a shift change. We cannot exchange any money at this time.

Me: Well, you gave me change for my five like 2 minutes ago? I just need some quarters for the vending machine.

Lady: Ma'am, we are in the middle of a shift change. If you could just take a seat for 10-15 minutes I will be right with you.

Me: Ahahahhahha, oh, wait, for real? 10-15 minutes? Just to get some quarters?

Lady: Ma'am, we are in the middle of a ...

Me: Whatever. *stalks off, thirsty*

End scene. So maybe I was a bit snippy, but seriously????

Well, at least it wasn't as long as this vending machine story.


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