Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I spent two solid weeks creating this medival civilization from the ground up!"

Picture it, Los Angeles, about 10 minutes ago.

I just met Dean Haglund, better known (to me) as Richard "Ringo" Langley from The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen series. He now, apparently, is selling earth-friendly keep-your-computer-cool thingies, which he is advertising at my show.

He is a super nice guy, really open and sweet. He gave me an autographed photo and asked me questions about myself, and staunchly refused to tell me whether or not he will appear in the new X-Files movie and/or anything about it. He apparently has a his own comedy show and just finished touring England.

By the way, you can see his commercial here, and you can buy his product here. Yeah, I'll plug it! Oh, and his super-cute girlfriend/business partner? Better known as Chloe, the girl from the copy shop, who Ross slept with when he and Rachel were "on a break."


Blogger J.T. said...


May 21, 2008 6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG I wish I go big-up that pic to see it better. He looks so happy to be taking the picture with you.

May 22, 2008 8:03 AM  
Blogger Alecia said...

Where's your champion shirt?

May 23, 2008 11:37 AM  

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