Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, the third day city

OK, kids, I'm leaving Boston today for Los Angeles, my 3rd city in my 26-day May-cation. Which is a poor choice of wordisms because it wasn't anything close to to vacation. I got to sleep until 7am this morning, which is 3 hours later than I've slept for the the last 4 days (on the east coast, natch)!!

I was working in the marshalling yard this week (3 million lbs of freight for a 3-day show... this industry is ridiculous), which I normally hate, but our Boston yard is a bit of a different beast. It's a lot closer to the CC, for one, making it vastly more convenient in every single way, and I adore Billy, the guy who runs the yard, there were 2 of us, so I didn't feel too overwhelmed, and it gave me the rare opportunity to hear Bostonians say the words "pahk" and "cah" and "yahd" pretty much all day every day with no accent jokes involved. Plus I got to drive the Gator. Despite the lack of sleep it was a pretty good week.

On to the next, Los Angeles, to a dying show that will probably bore me to tears. But my AE used to be a CTG so it will be nice to be with her for a week, nice to be in a place where I don't have to wear a fleece every day, and nice to not be so busy and tired I can't think straight. Yesterday I was so exhausted I was approaching delirium-- at one point I couldn't remember the word for "sleeve."

Gotta go wrangle my suitcase. See you in LA!


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