Monday, February 05, 2007

remember me?

It's been a long time since I've updated. I have worked about 15 hours a day for the last 9 days. It's 5:45am and I slept longer than I have all week, and I actually got up a little early so I could do some work before I go to work. The best word to describe me today is bleary. I'm having to reword every sentence because I'm not even making sense. Next time you're jealous that I sometimes get to stay home for a week and watch TV while I collect a paycheck, remember that sometimes I make about 17 cents an hour.

So, my Ugg project didn't work out very well, which totally blows my whole plan to pay for college relying solely on blog donations. Curses, foiled again! In good news, my friend Nathaniel sent me this link where you can build your own South Park character. Wicked fun.

Did I tell you how I get to wake up at 5 tomorrow to make an 8am flight, and when I get to the airport in Dallas, go straight to school for a test for which I am spectacularly unprepared? Yeah. Good times. But as soon as that's over I get to beeline to the couch and the remote, where I plan to stay for a good 24 hours. One week at home before I hit NYC for the 2nd time in a month! Whee!

OK, I have to get in the shower and go put in another day. Kisses!!


Blogger krysten said...

of course, you do realize that 17 cents an hour is STILL more than i make...

and you just simply cannot imagine how incredibly jealous i am that you will be in NYC again. *slumps*

February 06, 2007 2:18 PM  

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