Thursday, January 18, 2007

more thoughts...

So, did you guys watch the Bill O'Reilly-Colbert interviews last night? The greatest TV crossover since The Jetsons Meets the Flintstones. I kinda hate to say it, but I have a lot more respect for Papa Bear O'Reilly right now. He didn't let Stephen talk on top of him, which, let's face it, is a task in and of itself. He was very direct and didn't let the whole thing crumble into a giggle-fest.

(Did anyone else see last night's Comedy Central teaser that said it was going to tilt the no-spin zone "on it's axis"???? Seriously. "on I-T-apostrophe-S axis." I'm mortified. I hope someone got fired for that.)

On another note, I finally tried Coke Blak and um.... well? I like Coke. And I like coffee. A LOT. But I'm not sure this is a good union. I'm going to go on the record here as saying Coke and coffee are two great tastes that do not taste great together. (But yes, Erin, I think it would be better with lemon.)

Tom and I finished the second season of Doctor Who and laughed a lot (and wept a little, that's right, I admit it!). He also introduced me to Scrubs, which I had never seen, but I kind of love now. 'Cause that's what I need. Another show to catch up on/watch in primetime.

Gotta get some sleep. Work at 7am, if I can remember how to do my job.


Blogger krysten said...

coke blak = blehck!

January 20, 2007 8:40 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Yeah, Krysten... I kept drinking it because it was there... but man, it's pretty foul...

January 20, 2007 11:01 AM  

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