Thursday, June 19, 2008

the last day

Y'all. It is HOT. (Relatively, with my apologies to the rest of the country.) But when you wear Uggs and a hoodie every day of the year, and don't have central AC (or even a fan)... 82 degrees is HOT.

I went up to the roof today and snapped some photos. Bonus of hot is less fog. Notice I didn't say NO fog. Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean under that marine layer:

Isn't it pretty when it's hot? (click to enlarge)

So, today is my last day off. I got up on my own time and went to the market. Bonus? The bus is free today! Thanks, San Francisco! I walked to the tailor to pick up my jeans. I went up on the roof. I made this mouth-gasmic mushroom-mozzarella-thyme thing and practically stuck my head in the dish to lick up the drippings. I booked my birthday plane ticket. I am about to make peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies for the owner of my yoga studio (birthday) and my general freight foreman (retiring). Then I'm going to go to yoga, close & clean the studio, and get some sleep because I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Blurg. But, before I go, I leave you with a photo of the bridge, because honestly, have you seen our view???

OH. And the! list! I didn't finish it, but I'm comfortable in the amount I did get done:
  • book my July plane ticket
  • book Danael's plane ticket to come see me, whooop!
  • buy Father's Day gift
  • send Mother's Day gift *palms head*
  • make cookies
  • get a CA driver's license
  • finish 2 books finished one: Stiff- loved it.
  • get new jeans hemmed
  • buy a bicycle- no, but did go to 4 stores, so I'm narrowing down.
  • go to 7 yoga classes made it to 6
  • **************** (a secret one that I don't want to tell anyone about until I know its outcome)
  • figure out what the frack is wrong with my trackpad and fix it, already
So, there you have it. I think I did OK. Oh, and Happy Juneteenth.


Anonymous krysten said...

yeah, get ready for skin-blistering heat... all i have to say is thank gods i have a pool!

June 20, 2008 9:01 AM  
Anonymous julia said...

hot-smot...whatever. I'm about to move to triple digit weather. eek!

but I loved your pictures! how far is it from phoenix to san fran??

oh and hurray for birthday flight :)

June 23, 2008 7:57 PM  

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