Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hey it's that guy!!

So, I was watching an old episode of Frasier on the airplane yesterday, and it was the one with Daphne's fake baby shower that Niles made up to hide the fact that he had lunch with Maris, and the caterer heard "fraternity theme" instead of "maternity theme" so brought 3 kegs of beer and a 6' hoagie. Bwah! It was also the one where Frasier decided to leave radio to go back into private practice, and his first day was quite frustrating- you know, sitcom kerfuffles abounded. He had 5 patients in 1 day and they all left within moments due to one thing or another. BUT, the crazy thing was who they were. In order, Sarah Silverman, T.R. Knight, Missy Pyle, Penny Gerald Johnson, and Dan Castellaneta!! Are you kidding me??? That was an insane 30 minutes of "Who's Going to be a Fairly Recognizable TV Personality in 15 years?" Go, NBC, go!

My day around the sitcom genius was pretty frustrating. My flight in New Orleans was cancelled so I got to hang around the Louis Armstrong "International" Airport all morning on 5 hours of sleep, I made my connection in Dallas by the skin of my teeth- I literally only got on the airplane because they boarded 13 minutes late, when I got to Anaheim I went to pick up my paperwork for my show on Friday and it was a big fat clusterf*** so I ended up working for about 3 hours last night. When I finally toppled into bed at 10pm I had been running on empty for 19 hours.

The good news is that I got 9 hours of sleep (I LOVE waking up before my alarm!) and today is Jamie & Ashley's Day of Fun, take 3!!! We are going to have brunch at my favorite diner in LA, Swingers (PS> do not google Swingers + Los Angeles) and go to the beach for some girl time. Ashley has a bachelorette party to attend tonight and I'm going to be her designated driver- I have to drop her in Valencia around 6 and then I am going to meet Nathaniel for a movie: (finally!) Across the Universe at the Arclight. He and I have been trying to see that movie for over a month. I'll pick up Ashley late and drive us back to Anaheim for a few hours of sleep before our show from hell tomorrow. It moves in, opens, closes, and clears the hall in 1 day, leaving us to get everything input, audited, invoiced, and collected, plus service the exhibitors. With the condition my paperwork was in when I got it, I'm tired just thinking about it. But no matter, it's over in a day, albeit a long one, and Saturday Ashley goes to the wedding and I get to spend another day in LA with Nate before heading back to SF.

Lots going on, I will keep you all posted on my shenanigans and goings-on! My work year is drawing to a screeching halt. OH-MI-GAH, speaking of Screech, I had a dream that my mom saw Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the grocery store and made him come say hello to me. It was mortifying. I was looking at conditioner and he was getting chips for a SbtB party he was going to. I met the Jessie, Kelly, Slater, and the gang at check-out. It was surreal.


Blogger krysten said...

i think i read your posts too head is always spinning with information by the end of them. haha!

woot! dan castellaneta! woot! slater!

October 25, 2007 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Scotticus said...

ha! I had to comment because in my mind's eye I saw J flying through the air, attached to a plane wing solely by her clamped teeth...holding suitcase and all. Good stuff.

October 25, 2007 2:38 PM  

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