Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I snark because I love.

If you haven't seen tonight's LOST, don't read this.

I present to you, LOST fans, for your reading pleasure, Jamie's real-time commentary, as typed during the show tonight, as she watched:

ok... Walt is SO CREEPY. He gives me chills and I love it.
i wonder what he said?
J.T. will find it and post it, I'm sure; he's obsessed.
Shut up, Charlie.
Maggie Grace is rocking this episode.
Do people really watch Hope & Faith? It looks HORRible. Get out of the tanning bed, sweetie.
ok, Maggie Grace has GREY eyes- they're awesome. and so unusual.
How does Claire all of the sudden have non-pregnant clothes?
SHUT UP, Charlie.
FINALLY-- Michael is FINALLY asking a question that makes SENSE.
"what happened?"
it's been effing 7 episodes.
what is this, 24?
how does GirlFight know there's only one bullet in Sawyer's gun?
John Locke rules.
ok, so, Grey's Anatomy has all these pics on the walls of the hospital that look suspiciously like Dharma Initiative logos. Also, last week in Alias, when Elodie had that teddy bear? TOTALLY the same one "The Others" were carrying in the last LOST episode. ABC self shout-out? Or lazy prop department?
btw, I figured out where I know Spy Barbie 2.0 from. it was HILARIOUS how I came to it. last night I got home, and there was a pizza flyer on my door for "Daddy's Pizza" and I said.... HAHAHAHAHAHA "You tell 'em, Daddy." -- I have NO IDEA WHY, aloud, to myself and I don't know why because normally I'd say "I hear what you're saying Daddy" (from Jerry Maguire) but the line I actually said is from Sex & the City when Samantha got Richard a three-way for his birthday, with the hostess at their restaurant .... PLAYED BY SPY BARBIE. ZAH.
are they really going to kill off Sawyer?
I just realized how much I WASN'T missing Kate.
it took 40 min. to think about her at all.
does he DIE? FOR REAL?
I mean, I don't like Sawyer, but at least he's a remotely interesting character.
how is it that on an entire plane from Australia, we only have 2 Australians?
NO flight attendants, either.
the hell?
Where did Desmond go? Methinks he might not be too well-versed in making it on his own in the jungle. Cue the CCR!
that soap girl has Runaway Bride eyes.
Maggie Grace is freaking AWESOME.
and Boone has a mullet.
WHAT THE holy hell?
it's been like, 45 days.
they killed SHANNON?
I am so pissed.

Well-played, LOST. Well-played.


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