Saturday, November 26, 2005

Giving Thanks

I can't describe how much I love this house, this family, this home. For one thing, no one ever wakes me up. For another, there is always fresh coffee. We go see a movie every single day. At any given hour, as few as one of us and as many as four of us are on our laptops in the den because the house is wireless. I can spend a couple of hours a day reading if I want, uninterrupted, and we eat out every night, and then come home and have a round of cocktails while we watch another movie or something that we TiVoed, like LOST or I Love 1976. There's been talk of playing a board game, but we're really too lazy to pick one. I mean, seriously. This place is my Utopia! It also helps that I am extremely fond of my family.

So yesterday, Julia and I went to see Rent (which I LOVED) and the bookstore. Borders, I believe. We were killing some time before the movie (I also love that everyone in this family is a Nazi about getting to the movie early, sits exactly where I like to sit, and doesn't believe in going to the theater and not buying snacks), and picking out things we are going to buy at Half-Price Books later today. I didn't pay attention when the first male bookstore employee offered to help me find something. It is, after all, the day before Thanksgiving; there are lots of shoppers. I didn't really notice when the 2nd one stopped me with a big smile. On the 3rd, I fleetingly thought that my new haircut must really suit me, but on the 4th, I realized that I was wearing my "Reading is Sexy" shirt, which is just about as embarrassing as going shopping at the Gap in head-to-toe Gap clothing. I grabbed Julia and ushered her out of the bookstore immediately.

OK, *yawn*, so we're going out to get a hamburger (my favorite food) and then I'm going to spend the afternoon stealing, er, borrowing music from my family (they also have good taste in music), and watching JAWS. Rock! And then buying books and watching "Walk the Line." And then going to see Roz's band play. Today RULES.

Love, Jamie.


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