Thursday, July 03, 2008

the weekend of Jamie

remember how busy I was last time I was off? So very, very busy. So, after that, I worked a big ole 10-day show and then after, my co-worker Lena stayed with me for a few days. She was supposed to go to Big Sur with friends, but sadly, most of Northern California is still on fire, she couldn't go, and rather than make her change her flight she moved into Casa Jamie. It was lovely to have her-- we went out for Monday Funday with Brian, toured the Ferry Building and the Farmer's Market, saw the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung, went to Greens and Marnee Thai, and went thrift-store shopping. Great fun... BUT, I am tired.

She left this morning, while I worked a double at the yoga studio, and then I came home to 5 loads of laundry, some dusting and general picking-up around the house, and now... now I start MY time. Roommie is in London. Brian is in Idaho. The rest of my friends are at High Sierra. I have a kitchen full of groceries, two bottles of Portuguese wine, 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and 8 episodes of Doctor Who. I'm calling it Jamiepalooza. The studio is closed tomorrow so I can't feel bad about skipping class, and I intend to fully observe the holiday with food, sci-fi, and pure, unmitigated Jamietime. When the television is over, I'm going to read my new books, see a movie or two, go to yoga, have Wednesday Funday when Brian gets home, and sleep a lot. Brilliant.



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