Thursday, June 21, 2007

the hippie is strong with me today.

That's what Erin always says to me when I come over smelling like rosewood or lavender. She thinks all my oils smell like patchouli, even though I hate patchouli and don't have a single scent containing it. :)

Nathaniel bought me a terrapass. The company calculates your ecological footprint and then counteracts it with an clean-emission energy source. Basically they reduce the 40,000 lbs of CO2 that my own personal air travel adds to the ozone each year. So I am now a certified carbon-balanced traveler, and have a luggage tag that says so. I'm sure a lot of you will think that is a crazy gift, but I thought it was really sweet.

Tomorrow night is date night with Superman & Wonderwoman (and we've recently added a 4th to our little Justice League... enter Pixieboots). The rules for date night are pretty stringent: you have to wear a superhero shirt (or the next nerdiest shirt in your suitcase-- mine on this trip will be a Doctor Who shirt; I forgot my Batgirl tee). Wonderwoman & Batgirl have to wear their hair in pigtails because it makes Superman happy. Batgirl is in charge of picking the restaurant and the bar, so Superman & Wonderwoman don't have to make any decisions. There is no photographic evidence of date night. There's usually an end-of-the-night group hug that leads Batgirl into declaring that she is going back to her room alone and prissing "you all have dirty minds!!" Who knows what we'll think of next but I'm sure it will be sketchy at best.

In other fun news, I booked my flight to see Krysten and Chanelle! Wheeee!


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