Sunday, October 16, 2005

Whatcha been doin' today?

The title of this post is the first line of the first song that came on when I plugged in my iPod. Can anyone guess?

So, I'm eating this muffin. It's from Starbuck's. As some of you know, I've spent as much of 2005 as possible boycotting Starbuck's. It was a New Year's Resolution, of sorts. (I refuse to even link it here.) Why, you ask? Because, damn the man, that's why. Freaking homogenize-the-world corporate giant that thinks it's OK to charge $4 for a crappy, that's right, I said it, CRAPPY cup of coffee. When I lived in NYC, it was so easy to get a better cup o' joe for a fourth of the price. In places like Kansas City, MO, at 6:45am on a Sunday? Not so easy. So to Starbuck's I went, because not even my support-small-business ethics will get in the way of my morning caffeine. I got my usual drink (venti soy latte, no foam) and decided that I must have a pastry, even though I am not a pastry person, because again, it's Sunday in Kansas City, and nothing else is open, and I have to work for like 6 hours before I get lunch.

The muffin. THE MUFFIN, folks. It's a pumpkin-cream cheese muffin. It's fan-freaking-tasticly awesome. It also has 470 calories and 24g of fat. A MUFFIN! I've eaten entire meals that have fewer calories than this muffin (and probably, more fiber and vitamin-y goodness, but that's another story). This muffin has 60mg of cholesterol and 420mg of sodium. I can't believe I'm still eating it even as I'm typing. Ohmigah. Who wants to place bets on how long it will take me to be hungry again? I'm putting money on 10am.


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