Friday, October 28, 2005

"Reality has absolutely no place in our world."

Batgirl Serious bonus points to the person who can name the character and TV show belonging to the title quote.

The other day, Kiddo and I were talking about book character we'd want to be. I mentioned Hermione, Anne, Lyra, and Lucy (apparently I am drawn to children's books with inquisitive, sassy heroines), but then I finished Batgirl: Year One, the full story of Barbara Gordon's rise as a super-hero. We're not talking Alicia Silverstone here. Batgirl: Year One was my very first actual comic book (thanks, J.T.) and I enjoyed it immensely.

Barbara Gordon and I have a lot in common. We're both short (her dad actually says tells her that she doesn't meet the height requirement to be a detective), both red-heads, both readers, both stuck in a job that is not a life-calling, and both feel we need to do something extravagent to impress our parents. However, the difference between Barbara Gordon and me is that Barbara Gordon does something about it. She takes her complete lack of super-powers, builds on a good idea that someone else has already executed, and uses her brains and charm to kick some serious villain @$$. And she does it all with a little sass and wit (she calls Robin "Pixie Boots"- hee). She goes on later in life, I'm told, after The Joker renders her a paraplegic, to run Batman's operation (and indeed, provide help to the super-hero world in general) as the computer whiz known as Oracle. She never gives up. She never lets the world get her down. And she never lets her current situation determine what she wants to accomplish. I'd like to be a little more like Barbara Gordon.

Watch out, world. I'm going to spend today in the Speaker Ready Room making a cape out of this table skirt. Gotham City, er... Denver will never be the same.


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