Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Tonya!

I want to take a moment and say happy 31st to my brunette Tonya, who I only met less than 2 years ago, but has become one of my favorite people on the planet. Thanks, T, for being so awesome, fun, generous, and understanding, and I hope 31 is the best year ever! Tangled webs!!

You guys remember last time I was NYC for my birthday, and I blogged about Tonya's roommate's cat, Pico? All 24lbs of Pico opened my bedroom door this morning and jumped on my bed. I thought it was Armageddon. I threw her (actually, scooted her) into the hall and she glared at me as though she could destroy me with her eyes. She probably can. I'm scared to leave the room now. Anyway, in case you didn't believe me:


So, you all know how I feel about quizzes, and also how I feel about procrastinating, and especially how I like to use quizzes for procrastinating. I got this one from a friend of a friend, Krysten, and hope it will keep me in my bed and away from work and laundry for a least an hour. *sigh*

Piercings: 6: 3 in left earlobe, 1 in right earlobe, 1 in right ear cartilage, 1 in navel
tattoos: 1, ladybug, back right hip.
height: 5'2"
shoe size: 6
hair color: reddish, but I'm thinking of going darker for the winter
length: short
siblings: 1 brother, 3 step-sisters, 1 step-brother ("We are... an American family.")

movie you rented: the last disk of the 4th season of Sex & the City
movie you bought: Gilmore Girls, season 4
song you listened to: Are You Sure, Willie Nelson, Crazy: The Demo Sessions
song that was stuck in your head: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan
CD you listened to: I can't honestly remember the last time I listened to a CD. Last playlist I listened to was Jamie's Top 300.
Person you've called: "Tonya, wake up, it's 7am! I'm here!!"
Person that's called you: Evan Schmevan
TV show you've watched: Alias
person you were thinking of: probably myself
you have a bf or gf: sometimes
you have a crush on someone: sometimes
you wish you could live somewhere else: I wish I could live anywhere else
you think about suicide: ummm, not as a hobby?
you believe in on-line dating: yes
others find you attractive: some people do
you want more piercings: yes... but I think I'm done.
you drink: water, coffee, soy milk, vodka. (not all together)
you do drugs: No.
you smoke: No, but damn, I miss it.
you like cleaning: the kitchen
you like roller coasters: yes
you write in cursive or print: print, all lowercase
you carry a donor card: yes
using someone: Against
suicide: Against
killing people: Against
teenage smoking: don't ever start, 'cause it's soooo hard to quit
driving drunk: Against
food: potato chips, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, sushi, hamburgers, steak, falafel, green beans, mmmm, OK. I really like food.
song: this week, Shed a Little Light, James Taylor
thing to do: eat with friends, or watch TV (man, I'm lame!)
thing to talk about: eating, cooking, religion, books, movies, TV shows, life
sport: to watch? basketball. to play? golf.
drinks: water, coffee, soy milk, vodka (not all together)
clothes: Gap jeans and quirky t-shirts
movies: yowza... tough one. See my profile for a list.
holiday: Thanksgiving
new nerdy saying: "I know, RIGHT?" Ugh. Whoever taught me that should be punched in the earhole.
ever cried over a guy/girl: today? Not yet.
ever lied to someone: yes
ever been in a fist fight: no
ever been arrested: no
of times I have had my heart broken? um... truly? Four.
of hearts I have broken? probably... 2
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? At least 8-10.
of people I consider my enemies? damn you Lord Voldemort!!! *shakes fist at sky*
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? a handful (I grew up in a small town)
of scars on my body? Yes
of things in my past that I regret: I tend to subscibe to the "no regrets" theory- every mistake I made makes up who I am today, and I happen to like her. But yes, if I had to do it all over again, there are definitely some choices I would not make again.
funny: I absolutely do.
friendly: mostly
loveable: depends
pessimistic: sometimes
optimistic: the other times
caring: only to some people
sweet: again, to some people
dorky: you have no idea how extensive the dorkiness really is.
Spell your first name backwards: Eimaj
The story behind your user name: "phaino" means "I shine" or "I cause (something) to shine" in Greek.
Where do you live? currently I'm a roving gypsy.
4 words that sum you up: oh man. Um, deeply passionate and emotionally wreckless
Wallet: zebra striped with red leather trim
Hairbrush: don't have one
Toothbrush: I think it's Oral B, has a big fat handle, pink and white
Jewelry worn daily: 5 earrings (two silver hoops, 3 diamond studs- a set that belonged to my grandmother and a solitaire that came out of my mom's wedding ring when she was married to my dad), a ONE campaign bracelet, a silver wire band (high school graduation present from my dad), a silver link bracelet (Christmas present from an ex), a silver/purple bead bracelet (just-because present from Scotti-san), and a watch. The necklace varies- usually my Tiffany heart or my JAMIE nameplate- both gifts from the girls.
Pillow cover: incredibly expensive hand-stitched/beaded from Anthropologie
Blanket: same as above, duvet over a down comforter
Sunglasses: about 6 different pair of $4 street sunglasses from NYC
Shoes: tons. these days mostly sporting Chuck Taylors or cowboy boots. I miss all my kicka$$ heels but they don't currently support my gypsy lifestyle
Handbag: Old Navy
Favorite shirt: I have to pick just one? ummmm... one of my favorites says "University of Wishful Thinking."
Hair: short, curly, crazy
Make up: mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss
In my mouth: ummm, seems like a really personal question to me. OK, fine. I just had some cereal.
In my head: you really really don't want to know
Wishing: I could figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. Oh, and that I had a cup of coffee.
Talking to: Mrs. Bill Chanandler
Eating: just had some cereal.
Person you wish you could see right now: Patrick Dempsey
Is next to you: all my suitcases, my computer bag, my phone, a book, lip balm, Aquafina bottle, empty cereal bowl. The view outside the window changes, but that's about it, folks.
Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month: I'm really not.
Something that you are deathly afraid of? clowns
Do you like candles: If they smell like lavendar
Do you like incense: No, ick
Do you believe in love: yes
Do you believe in soul mates: as a matter of fact I do. But I don't believe that you have just one.
Do you believe in love at first sight: no
Do you believe in forgiveness: absolutely
What do you want done with your body when you die: why on earth would I care?
Who is your worst enemy? tequila
If you could have any animal for a pet: Yorkie
What is the latest you've ever stayed up: all night
Ever been to England? No
Can you eat with chopsticks: yes
What are some of your favorite pig out foods? Potato chips


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