Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let's Get it On

Sooo, I'm in Denver. I spent exactly 24 hours at "home" (ibym "home"... "my mom's house") and 12 of those I spent sleeping. I'm spending this, technically my week off, freelancing for an old client of mine. I just went downstairs and had a drink with them in the bar, and there was the most horrid band, one which we described as Earth, Wind, and Dying Ember. The only song they sang that I knew was "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye, which was great, actually. The rest.... not so much. I left immediately to my room which has, I'm not kidding, 20' ceilings and free high-speed internet access. And a real bedspread, my litmus test for hotels. How happy am I?!?

I really enjoy flying. I know that's weird, but I love it. I even think I'd enjoy sky-diving someday (but only tandem with a pro). I love watching America below me. It looks like a map, and I have always pored over maps. I like thinking of what's going on down there, and how small my life is. When I pass over farmhouses I wonder if it's a big family all eating dinner together; when I pass over factories I think about the people on the night shift; when I pass over apartment buildings I imagine how many people are inside, eating dinner alone, and whether or not I would be friends with them if I lived on their floor.

I spoke with a woman on my Columbus-Chicago leg about Sudoku and I spoke with a man on my Chicago-Denver leg about John Berendt, and I started thinking about how much easier it is to be friendly with a man and how much easier it is to be friends with a woman. I think it has something to do with the fact that a woman is most attracted to a man who is being open and baring his soul and a man is most attracted to a woman who is being coy and mysterious. Or, as my personal mantra of relationships states- men are simple and women are complicated; men want women to be simple and are frustrated when they're not, and women want men to be complicated and are frustrated when they're not. Or broken down further, people get frustrated when others don't behave how they expect.

I'm reading an incredible book called Searching for God Knows What right now. So far what I've read is about one's relationship with God-- how one can't make Him what one wants him to be, and how what basic human instinct is to want control, not a relationship. He says that a friend told him "Reality is like a fine wine. It won't appeal to children." How you have to reach a spiritual maturity in order to have a real relationship with Him. I think that's true of earthly relationships as well.

He goes into a bit about Jesus, and how hard he would find it to identify with God if Jesus wasn't there, as a human link. Personally, I disagree. Jesus is very hard for me to identify with. I can't comprehend Him. I try; I've read; I've studied, but if I had to pick a prong of the Trinity with which I most identity, it would be the Holy Spirit. I've always felt more spiritual than religious, and it's so much easier for me to think of God in the infinite sense, than the personal one. It's a daily struggle for me, but I think I am learning.

I have another post in the works for tomorrow, but for now I am sleepy and it is 2 hours later in my world than it is in Denver, so I must get some rest.


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