Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jamiepalooza, Part Deux

Why am I always off on the holiday weekends when everyone is out of town? No matter-- I got home tonight after 7 excruciating days in San Jose, went to the market, unpacked, ate some sushi, took a shower, and am not settling onto the couch with my new sudoku book. I'm psyched.

I have a lot to do while I'm home (work at the yoga studio, get a haircut, various and sundry errands and chores) but I intend on spending a great deal of it on my butt. Reading, staring into space, whatever. When I leave here on September 5th I will only have 3 days off until October 5th, so I need to stockpile my downtime. Do you think you can do that?

In other news, I was going to change my nose ring back to the stud, but I can't find it. The last time I remember seeing it was when I was in New Orleans in May. I hope I didn't leave it there.

All this election coverage is giving me West Wing cravings. I'm converting the first season files for my iPod right now.

Oh, while I was eating sushi I heard this 20-something emo chick moan to her understandably mute boyfriend, "I am just the busiest person I know!!" Really? So busy you can sit here and eat sushi? Whatever. So hey, what's the female equivalent of douchebag?


Blogger J.T. said...

When you say "converting the first season files for my iPod"....

EXACTLY how do you mean?

If I could take TWW with me wherever I went... I would never need to return home.

August 29, 2008 8:09 AM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

you just have to download some software that converts the files on your computer (*.avi, *.mpg, what have you) to *.mp4 so they will play on your iPod. I am using WinFF right now, but there are a lot of different freebies out there, and I might switch to something else- I am not sold on this one. Google it and see what you can find. And hey, let me know if you find one you like!

August 29, 2008 1:54 PM  
Blogger RedCircleLine said...

hmm... seems that you've left off one of the books you're reading from your handy "what i'm reading" section... what could it be??

September 03, 2008 2:08 PM  
Blogger hello jamie: said...

Updated! (Although, you might be the only person who reads the sidebar!)

September 03, 2008 5:33 PM  

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