Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter from San Francisco

Nothing really celebrates our risen Lord like a Big Wheel race. (Well, unless it's drag queens dressed as Jesus, but sadly, I missed that show and therefore don't have any photos to show you.) Ashley flew in from Boston yesterday and we went to the Annual Big Wheel Easter Race. There were hundreds of people lining Vermont Street (it used to be on Lombard but apparently those fancy buggers didn't like such shenanigans and goings-on in their neighborhood) watching fools on Big Wheels crash into one another. It was awesome. Everyone was dressed up- we saw an Easter Bunny, a nun, a Jesus, a pirate, a cowboy, a cow, a gorilla, a Barbie, a whole bunch of people just wearing normal crazy costume pieces, they were riding Big Wheels, trash cans, little red wagons, basically anything that has plastic wheels. Plastic wheels which, by the way, were designed to carry a 30-lb child. There was some serious carnage. Check out the top right corner for a pile-up:

How can you not love this city?!?!! I have to go back to work today, blech, I'm still mourning the return of Krysten and Chanelle and our eating (!!!!)-- I was so sad when they left I actually cried.
Things are about to get crazy over here but I promise to try and update more often. I've been such a slacker lately. And after I promised Karen I would be better, I went and let 2 weeks go by between posts! Anyway, I will try harder and I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and ate lots of Peeps-- I have to get to yoga now so I can pack my bags and move downtown for my show. Have a great week!


Blogger iamchanelle said...

i was so sad to leave i caught a cold. sniff.

March 24, 2008 11:42 AM  

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