Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nice to meet you.


So, I would like to take this opportunity (ibym opportunity... slow day at work) to expound for a moment on how much I hate shaking hands. It's one thing in a professional setting (although I don't like it much then either) but it's entirely another in a social setting. I realize I'm somewhat of an obsessive hand-washer, but say we're meeting a big group of people (including new faces) at a restaurant. Do I really have to shake hands with everyone before I eat? That's disgusting. My mom's church is the worst. EVERYONE wants to shake my hand between the door and the pew. I then spend the entirety of the service obsessing over whose kids have snotty noses. And beyond the germ phobia, it's simply not... ladylike. Sure, men have to do that handgrip-shoulder-pat-with-opposite-hand move (since they're no longer permitted to beat their chests in public,) but I find it uncivilized for women to shake hands. If I know a woman well, I'll more than likely give her a hug and/or kiss on the cheek. If I'm just meeting her for the first time ever, a simple "it's so nice to meet you" will suffice.

I feel like this post going to come across as unfriendly or unaffectionate. Anyone who's reading my blog should know me well enough to know that I'm an extremely affectionate person. I adore having physical contact with my friends and loved ones. I just don't adore having it with perfect strangers. Does this make me a bad person?


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