Monday, January 17, 2011

dominating a new year

So far, so good, kids. I mean truly, I just feel like I'm dominating 2011.

I've made some decisions about my future. Taken some steps. Formulated some plans. Been mostly positive, although it's FATHOMS easier when I'm not at work. Eaten at some new places. Worked out. Helped friends. Let up on myself when I'm not perfect. Been happy.

I made a vision board for 2011-- little pictures to look at as well as goals and objectives and wants that I have to look at every day. At first it looked like this:

Man oh man, I SO LOVE a clean slate. In this instance, a literal one. OK, so, I put some fortune cookie fortunes that I like to keep around (aka "You constantly struggle for self-improvement... and it shows." I know not exactly a fortune, but I like to be reminded of that anyway), some cold hard deadlines for school and whatnot, a list to keep my new places I've tried (so far, 2 in January!) and how many yoga classes I've attended (I'm shooting for 100 in 2011; so far I've done 5), etc. Oh, and photos of Kate Austen's arms, because I totally want those, and of London because I want to squeeze in a vacation before I start school. I anticipate it getting much more cluttered as the year goes on, but cluttered with things I've accomplished and goals I've achieved, thus bolstering me on to make new ones. Currently it looks a little something like this:

And with that, I'm off to yoga, so I can make another hashmark on my post-it. Also going to stop at the tailor and drop off my thrifted Mad Men dress to be hemmed so I can wear it to Motown Monday at a cool new place next week. La la la! Life is great. Hope everyone else's 2011 is going well too. xo


Anonymous mybabybedding said...

I work best when I have a visual, so I wish I had seen this post back in January!! It is a great idea, and I am going to try it. As you see the board fill up with actual accomplishments, it will be more incentive to keep going. I would love to see an update!

March 31, 2011 5:20 AM  

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