Tuesday, April 13, 2010

study study school's your buddy!

Last post January 10??? Wow, I guess blogging IS "so 2008."

Yesterday while I was getting produce from the market between yoga classes I was thinking about all the things I do when I'm not working, and however subconsciously, am always BUSY striving to make myself a better Jamie. Honestly, I am almost always doing something -- solving a puzzle, working out, studying, reading recipes-- to make myself smarter, healthier, more financially secure, a better cook, a snappier dresser, etc, and even though I really love doing all those things, sometimes I wonder if I really AM a better person than if I just sat around eating junk food and watching reality television in my fat pants all day. Because some days it's easy to throw a pity party and wonder if this quest is in vain.

But junk food and reality TV is not me. I'll continue to try to do sudoku puzzles over my morning coffee, try to get to yoga every day, try to eat less fattening food, try to keep my attitude in check, try to tell people I love them more often.

In somewhat related news, how am I supposed to study when this is my view????

Dear Library, please install smaller windows so I can focus on quantitative comparisons. Love, Jamie


Blogger dw said...

J, this is truly an inspiring post. Using your time to make yourself a better you does make you a better person. Not because of the individual things that you do, but because the effort and the desire is there. The fact that you are trying, that you are working toward something, that alone makes you better.

May 07, 2010 6:03 PM  

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