Monday, January 05, 2009


I've added a couple of resolutions and revolutions-- they are:

  • flossing every day (thanks, Alecia)
  • practicing 100 yoga classes in 2009
  • inappropriate hugging
I added this note to my Facebook profile, and it turns out you can't view the link unless you're on FB, so the text is as follows:

So, over Christmas break, I happened to mention to my friend (and yours) Alan Bordelon that I hated shaking hands. I really, really hate it. (It's unladylike, and kind of unnecessary, not to mention unsanitary.) So, somehow, our conversation ended in my agreeing to 2009 being the Year of the Inappropriate Hug-- or, Whenever Someone Extends His/Her Hand, Just Hug Him/Her Instead.

Frankly, I love the idea, and it goes hand-in-hand (so to speak) with my New Year's Resolution to not be embarrassed about being myself. So tonight, I put it into play. I must have inappropriately hugged 10 people this evening, and boy, was it exhilarating. I loved it. And you know what? I think they did, too. And if they didn't, why do I care-- I'll probably never see them again.

So, I'm spreading it around. I inappropriately hugged 10 people tonight, and afterward, I asked them to please inappropriately hug other people, in hopes that I can spread it across San Francisco, and maybe-- the world.

I'm starting a Facebook Group to make 2009 the Year of the Inappropriate Hug-- Won't you join me??

So there you have it. All that jazz I mentioned on the 2nd, plus flossing, yoga, and hugs. So far I'm 2 down, 98 to go on the yoga, and boy-O am I sore. How's everyone else's revolutions coming?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of going with 1 resolution, or as I prefer to call it, goal: more sleep-- specifically, a goal of 7.5 hours per night. Not only have studies revealed the benefit of sleep (that is, at least 7 hours per night) in combatting heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes, but I think more energy will help me accomplish other goals (from which I have excused myself in the past due to fatigue).

I had thought of making my goal to consistently be on time, but as I told my friend the other day "it's not that I don't want to be on time, it's just that I don't respect your time enough to make it happen". j/k...mostly


January 07, 2009 11:00 AM  

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