Monday, June 21, 2010


OK, so since we've last spoken, I have been back to DC for 12 days (and had a mah-velous time, spoken smugly as Fraulein Maria when asked by Captain VonTrapp whether his children had been roaming around Salzberg wearing drapes), home for 24 hours (ditto), and am now setting up temporary camp in Anaheim, California. Despite the ridiculous number of Disney-rabid children running around my hotel, I'm holding my chin up because the weather is beautiful and I'm counting my days to Jamiepalooza. When I get home on Friday I have 10- count them- T-E-N, days OFF, and my roommate (bless him) will be away, so it's 10 days of meeeee time! And if you can remember from my previous post, I fracking deserve it.

As you all well know from being dedicated readers of No Day but Today, an eminent Jamiepalooza means it's time for a to-do list! Here's what I'll be up to between June 25 and July 5:
  • sleeping without my alarm clock
  • finishing my mission statement
  • applying to grad school (!!!!!)
  • walking to the beach
  • doing lots of yoga (in turn, losing a few lbs)
  • cooking things that give me garlic breath
  • finishing the Steig Larsson trilogy
  • drinking an entire bottle of red wine by myself while watching a musical from the 50's (and singing along at the top of my lungs)
  • CLE-EEEEANing my apartment
  • painting something
  • finally folding those origami high heels Cousin Julia gave me like, a thousand years ago
  • pickling things
  • buying a plant
  • playing cards
  • and, lying around and stare at the ceiling, if I want!!!

I'm sure my 10 days will go by all-to quickly, but I get to go to New Orleans (because even though who doesn't want to be in New Orleans in July?- I love it) after the 4th, and then have another little bit off before the next one, so all-in-all July is shaping up to be MUCH more palatable than her spring sisters.

So all in all, things are going OK over here. How are all of you?


Blogger charlemagne said...

hurrah for jamietime! sounds really lovely. i am a wee bit jealous that you get to lounge in front of the tv and cook things on your own stove. enjoy it extra for me!

June 22, 2010 12:32 AM  

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